Musical Entertainment at Ticats games

Do you have any local musical artists/bands that you feel are worthy of, and should be given a shot at entertaining fans at the pre-game festivities in and around the stadium...or other Ticats related events ?

I have one from Six Nations/Caledonia which is blowing my mind and I'd love them to catch the attention of the Ticats management. In fact, even ESPN/ABC college football discovered them as you will see on the band's website (click ESPN link once you are on the site)

Check out their sample mixes....especially # 4 8)

Here they are:

Yeah, "Dear Mr. Murphy" (#4) is good, but I liked "Red Horse" (#3) better. Bit of a blues fan, myself. Was this a one-off, or do they have a few blues pieces?

They mix blues in regularly...something like Led Zep used to do at times. I'm just learning about the band now so I can't really pin them down to a style yet.

We have lots of talent around Hamilton so I hope venues like Ticats games can showcase a good portion of it..

These guys seem like any other competent bar band. Usually the weak link in such bands is the vocals. The guitarist/singer for this band seems like he has a decent voice but he could sound much better if he spent a little time with a voice coach.

Breaking Wind? Do they have a horn section?

Try to get Metric! singer, emily hanes is hot, they are talented, and so Canadian they named themselves metric! n ot american measurements

Stadium Love...appropriate.

And another band that is local.

Fall of Spring. Wide range of music.


The Reason

Both Hamilton based acts. I hear them on the radio (102.1 mostly, but also Kingston's local equivalent) quite a bit.

Arkells are named after Arkell St. in Hamilton, and one of their albums is called Jackson Square.

The Arkells are one of the big acts at this year's Festival of Friends along with the likes of Jon Anderson (YES), America, Saga, The Tea Party etc