Can we get rid of or turn the volume down on the music that comes on between EACH play of the game and drowns out the announcer. Several times during Saturdays game we knew there was a penalty but didn't hear what for and of course the referee faces the south stands when he signals the penalty. Maybe the announcer could let us in on what the peanlty was then maybe fans wouldn't be forced to bring a radio to the game to hear the plays.

I sit in the south fans at mid field, and I'd settle for drowning out the announcer.
The music is the lesser of two evils.
If you can't hear this guy, your not missing much!

Sitting in the south stands was painful listening to the blaring crap between each play!!
I know that the Cats are trying to attract new, young fans to the game, but blasting that "music" between plays is reminiscent of the tumor inducing noise at the Rogers center... WE DON'T WANT IT... STOP IT PLEASE BOB... It really takes away from the game and makes the experience tough to take!! This is CFL football, not some teeny bopper beer swilling bush party!

What would be nice if the announcer gave us a better description of what exactly happened and the result of the play, plain and simple. (i.e. Mass' pass to Flick completed Touchdown) If there is a penalty called, I would like to know what the penalty is and the result of the penalty. I find it rather distracting and annoying listening to a cheerleader on the PA system. Is Bill Sturrup still available to do the PA system?



I too, have been calling for an end to the endless, loud's way too much to have music between every single play.

Dump it!

I live on mountain Brow and was told by my family that during the game you can hear the music and the P.A. as clear as a bell from there. Its way to loud!

I'll add my voice to this protest because I actually found the PA bombardment to be more upsetting last game than what happened on the field. It's terrible when you can't even talk about the play that just ended to the person sitting next to you. I'm not even that old, still go to the odd concert, and actually like most of the songs being played. But there are limits to how much I can stand.

Imagine if you took a hypothetical survey of spectators - I'll bet the results would look something like this:

5% - We need louder and more frequent music

30% - Love it the way it is / don't care

65% - A little quieter, a little less often PLEASE

What would be the smart/logical thing to do to please the greatest number of customers? I'll leave the answer to the people who get paid to think about these things.

ok, you can call me names, say I am not a fan, etc. etc. I really don't care,,but the noise pollution between plays (music & announcer) is one of the reasons I did not renew my club seats (4) this year. I am sorry, but for me the game day experience was not any fun anymore. So, I will watch at home and if things change at IWS, I will consider re-investing.

Kooblahdee..rather extreme giving up your tickets but I can't say that I blame you. The constant noise; music, ads and just plain stupid commentary from the announcer if annoying(Please don't call Ranek "The Little Ball of Hate" everytime he touches the ball). This topic has been discussed over and over and nothing has changed, so don't hold your breath.

I must say I really enjoyed the "none existant" half time show last game. No noise, no destraction, NO HALF TIME SHOW, best one ever. All the old timers in our section were able to get caught up!

I bring a radio with earbuds to games because
I like to hear John Salavantis on CHML
explain what just happened on a play.

At times I can't even hear him
because of the loud blaring music
from the speakers in Section 6.

Music? Well I guess football also has to do what they play in the hockey arenas and lacrosse, boom, boom, boom stuff between plays, it's just the way it is now I suppose. That's fine.

But the announcements, not necessarily the guy, I'm sure he's told how to do this, has to go, this drives me nuts, he does it "way over the top", sort of like a waiter at a restaurant who is just too talkative and that. Please Cats, get him to talk more professionally and tone it down especially when we are losing big time and he tries and make a 3 yard gain seem like it is the end of the world and we are going to win, it really comes across, well, just plain annoying.

I would never, ever cancel my seasons tickets though for the above reasons, I enjoy the games too much as I am too much of a fan, fortunately.

maybe you people who complain about the noise should all stay home and complain to yourselves, remember its a football game your going to, and its really not that loud at all so theres no need to embellish for the sake of argument

right, I am staying home with NO complaints, and that noise between plays has nothing to do with the football on the field, if you like that's your choice, enjoy.

I also agree with most of what is posted here. The sound is way, way too much. I also attend concerts regularly and go out to clubs and love it. But I go to a football game to watch the sport, cheer on my team and enjoy the company of the others around me.
Here is where I think the noise pollution has the most impact. We fans can't cheer properly. There is no opportunity for “fan cheering momentum?.
How can you get everyone in the stadium cheering and getting excited about what is going on in the game if there is no "fan time". I wouldn't want the organization to stop the music but I certainly feel that the game day staff needs to re-evaluate how it uses and what is uses to fill the gaps between the plays.
What ever its worth to the Ti-Cat brass, all of us season ticket holders that sit in and around the area that I have occupied for years don’t like the constant barrage of music, commercials and other noise all of the time during the game. It’s not scientific but it sure says a lot.

Your right. It's hard to talk to the people around you let alone explain things to my young boys about what is happening on the field.

A well thought out post. I for one listen to my music rather loud but like you said there is no "fan time"


Peppertom - well said. "Fan Time" I like that. Games use to and should have a flow to them. The fans will decide when and where to cheer, not the announcer. The fan's will decided when to drown out the opposition on the field. Music has its place but not when the teams are in the huddle. Play it during breaks and when the cheerleaders perform by all means. Yes noise is part of the football experience but not constant bombardment and no I won't stay home! It's up to the organization to make it work to everyones satisfaction.

Mr. P.A. Announcer

 We don't need or want blaring music when the whistle blows.

 We are football fans and we would like to re-hash the last play with our neighbours.     But, you can't talk or hear or the music.
  At the last game the referee stood looking at the press box waiting for you to turn off the music so he could explain an involved penalty.    Finally,  he turned and walked away.

Your over-zealous use of the P A system is ruining the football experience.

When there is an official time-out on the field .....  go ahead, play that head-banging music you think we want to hear.

But if we're winning home games, I bet the music all of sudden doesn't sound so bad. Just a guess here.


Nope, its bad....winning or losing.

I enjoy the "WHY ARE YOU SO QUIET" when we are getting it handed to us late in the 4th.

A note to whoever has his/her finger on that the game, that should tell you why we are so quiet......