You know I would love to discuss the play on the field with my friends, but can't, because of the FREAKIN loud music! TURN IT DOWN sound man geeez!!! Is this inheirent to Ivor Wynn or is it like that in all CFL stadiums?


I think this was addressed last year, and sadly nothing has been done yet.

Music is great before the game, during the introductions and maybe even after a touchdown, but not after every play.

This is not a rock conert, we want a chance to talk about the previous play, be able to belt out an oskee wee and maybe even blow our own noise making device.

So, please loose the excessive, overly loud music.


I think the music is fine. Have you ever been to a Toronto Rock or Raptor's game (???) Now that's overkill. What they do at Ivor Wynne is perfect. Keep it up!

I agree with you…but i think that’s because we both sit near the endzone, and the speakers aren’t pointed directly toward our faces. However, the version of Proud Mary that sounds like the mini-pops that they sometimes play is enough to make me vomit at any volume.

This is true; Im sure that sitting on the opposite side of the pressbox is'nt as bad. We sit right under those speakers and they are pointing right at us. Also true,this is not a rock concert, it's aprofessional football game please don't make it bush league wiith the blaring music. It has it's place.

And shall we hope that the Teen Tour Band is absent this year or at least as Kenny Rogers sang .... knows when to hold'm at other than 1/2 time. Sitting dead across from them is bad enough but I pity those around them.

On the topic of music, it would be nice to see the Ticat Cheerleaders use at least one decent song to do their routines !!!! Their selection makes me look forward to the McMaster Cheerleaders all the more since they at least do things related to CHEER LEADING.

If I wanted to see dance I could go to the ballet (not!!) even though Riverdance is 100 times better.

Besides what does Dancing have to do with Football ???? I know that CHEER LEADING does.

Also sounds at times like a few speakers need to be fine tuned for clarity. But perhaps the acoustics behave differently in compared to an empty stadium than a full (on almost full one) of pee-d off Compass patrons.

My dos centavos

i really liked da music they played last game and didnt think it was really that loud. keep playing that good sh!t

Music for the most part was pretty good. Music has always been louder at sporting events as it is an aid in getting the crowd even more excited.

As The Black Eyed Peas sing " Pump It" "Louder" :rockin:

Metalica 'for whom the bell tolls' should be the ticats intro music....

go to the main page, and open the video window for the ticats intro....then play the metallica song to fits perfectly.

the song has no words for about 2 and a half minutes.

musica fine, sounds good gets the p[layers and me pumped,m keep playin the new school music, rap and what knot, stuff the players like, keep my hype up.

The sound is Awsome now , you can please some of the people , some of the time ? go cats

Good Vibrations by the Beach Boys would be very appropriate.

Remember back in '87 when BTO played a show on the back of a flatbed in the west end zone? my favourite song that night? Let it Ride.

How come no Tiger-Cat fight song this year. I love that song! Anyone know of a URL where I can find it???

How about that toe-tapper
"Screaming Argos $uck is Bad and Makes People Bite Off Other Peoples' Ears and Keeps Families Away and Spending Money Elsewhere"?

I think I still have the 45rpm.

I had not heard of that one, but it sounds like by the title alone it would be hit.

I'll stick with "Jesus is from Steeltown".

Big tunes going down at Polishing Percival Molson Stadium last night: Iron Maiden, Van Halen, Blue Oyster Cult, Black Sabbath, just to name a few.

BTW, is it meaningful to anybody else that for the last 2 years the PA guy at IWS has consistently played "Raise Your Voice" by Bad Religion? Not something you hear every day.