Music to the Lions' ears: Jordan Williams finds his stride in camp

Everyone in CFL circles is feeling like a kid on Christmas morning these days. Rob Ralph is another one with the look of an individual who received every item on his list before snagging an extra piece of fruitcake his younger sibling was eyeing at the dessert table.

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I haven’t been able to scout the practices thus far thanks to COVID Protocol but I have a real good feeling about this 2021 club. Rick and the coaches seem to have things under control and Saskatchewan better be ready for a whole new BC Lions when they arrive on August 6th.

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So much ink has been spilled over 2019's O line but it was the coaching that was the real culprit for the poor season. This year, optimism reigns supreme among the new coaches, the players and the journos around them. This should be a wonderful season that will surprise many who have failed to understand the real reasons behind the disastrous 2019. Looking forward to many wins this year and a lot of CFL fun.