Music @ BC Place

Hey Lions fans,

How do you guys like the music at BC Place during the Lions games this year? I think its time for the DJ to throw down some Hip Hop. If you've noticed, even the Felions barely move to the 80's rock. Most were not old enough to appreciate it. I'd like some feedback. Thanks ppl.

I love them Felions... they can dance to anything.

i don't know about hip hop.... i'd rather have the same old music than hip hop... but they at least need to change up some of the songs they play...

I'm at the other end of the pendulum. During TV timeouts, bring out the music with the cheerleaders. Every other time...keep it down, what an annoyance! Actually, though its been better the last few years. Late 90's the music between plays were so loud, you couldn't talk to your seat mate.

NO, NO and NO to hip hop. That would keep me out of there. Having said that there could be at least one change , get rid of that stupid YMCA thing in the 3rd quarter and never play it again.

i don't think they've done that this year have they??... or have i just become immune to it??

They've definitly added some new songs this year. I love the fact they keep playin Van Halen, some of it they've been playin at every game i've gone to since i was 4 years old or so.... so ya some of its got to go, the Van Halen however does not.

This isn't really music-related, but it's crowd related....


Does anyone realize how annoying and distractiong it is to have 20,000+ people waving up and down and making noise, when our offence is trying to make plays? If anything, do it when the OTHER team has the ball! I've tried to watch the last few games, and right at crucial moments, all the sheep in front of me stand up and do the wave. Save it for hockey, when it doesn't really matter what the fans do, apparently!

THANK YOU catseyes.... i was thinking about posting the same thing..... 2 games in a row now... some idiot starts the wave when we have the ball.. and like you said... all the sheep follow...

when we have the ball..... do what Ms. Crabtree would have you do... SIT DOWN AND SHUT UP... then cheer when they make the play... but as soon as they start to huddle again... quiet down....

when they have the ball...... MAKE ALL THE NOISE YOU WANT

it's very simple and easy to remember... so please keep quiet when we have the ball

You want to get the crowd hiped, just play AC/DC! all the time.
Hip hop and rap please die like disco did. die, die, die!

Definately stay away from the hip hop, the 80's rock has kind of got that same grit to it that football carries. I think they started playing more hip hop at the Calgary game too... I hope they don't keep this up. I didn't even hear Welcome to the Jungle by Guns N' Roses which is a given! Who cares if its a little harder to dance to for the cheerleaders? They're awesome dancers they'll readjust :smiley: