Murray Clarke

I see where Clarke officiated his 500th game on the weekend.

Is there a reason he stopped being a referee?

because he sucked I assume

This is a great read

I actually thought he was one of the better ones head refs, certainly better than most.

Clarke was the CFL equivalent to Ed Hochuli with the biceps.

Interesting quote from the article:

While refs might do their best to tune out the noise around them, there’s an ongoing conversation with the coaches. Those relationships and understandings grow as both sides careers progress.

“Don Matthews was always brilliant,? Clarke said. “He was so smart. He understood everything in the rule book and he would come up with ways around it and (try to find) loopholes.

“We were aware of all the loopholes that were just waiting for someone to exploit. And we would always say, ‘Matthews is going to show up one day and do that,’ and sure enough the stuff he would come up with, he was brilliant.?

It’s late … but I can’t think of an example of a “loophole” that a coach would exploit.

Can`t recall anything Matthews did, but there was this FG sleeper play that O'Shea came up with last season.

There is a loophole in the ratio that could allow a team to start as few as three nationals. Haven't seen any teams taking advantage of that one yet. Or at least I haven't noticed it. The Riders and Ticats may have done it this year. (It involves players playing on the opposite side from where they're listed on the depth chart.)

They are the same players then playing two-ways. The rule refers to distinct individuals not positions.

Muzz (Clarke) could have decided on his own that he didn’t like the boiler-room mentality of making big calls (or taking back bad calls) on his own


he could have been graded poorly and forced to either retire or take a demotion to linesman or back judge, who knows?

In any case he obviously loves the idea of getting a nifty game cheque for a few hours of work every weekend (sometimes 2 games)