Murray Clarke and his crew should be ashamed!

Disclaimer This is not intended to be another whiny, 'my team lost - it's the refs fault' post. Sorry if it comes across that way.

  1. the Eskimos were full value for last night's win. They played harder, killed us with the zone read all night, and frankly, deserved to come out with the "W."

  2. this complaint should in no way taint the Eskimos victory. Again, they were the better team on the night.

But all I want is consistency and a fairly officiated contest. What in God's name were Clarke and his crew thinking on some of those calls last night? Brutal.

  • The quick whistle on Steven Black's overtime touchdown (Please. He's not a quarterback. There is no 'in the grasp' safety measure on a receiver fighting for yards)
  • The play where Ricky slid and Kory Banks literally touched him - and got 15 yards for it that extended an Eskimo drive
  • The play where Ricky ran with the ball and got cranked by Sol Eliminian - another 15 yarder (is there a rule where quarterbacks are supposed to be hit less severely because, well, they're quarterbacks? Buck Pierce was concussed on a slide last July in Edmonton and there wasn't even a flag thrown. Again, consistency!)

Media in Vancouver who have been very harsh on the Lions lately - and rightfully so - were all commenting on the bad officiating last night. Even my buddy who's from Regina thinks BC got hosed on those calls.

BC played poorly and didn't deserve it. But they also didn't deserve all the bad calls that went against them.

Agreed with your posts.
As a rookie head ref, I have previously said how Murray Clarke is horrible and should be demoted down to and back to a field judge.
There is no way that he is ready for the position.

In my opinion The Banks penalty call was awful, Elimimian went helmet to helmet with Ray and was indeed a penalty, the quick whistle was a poor call also but there were 2 Esks closing so I'm not sure he scores on the play. All in all I'd say you guys got hosed,again, just my opinion.

I agree.

I agree with all but 1.
the Ricky Ray hit was perfectly fine. It was a good solid hit, nothing illegal about it.

I wouldn't have had an issue if the call had not been made, however they have been calling head shots on quarterbacks all year. IMO this is consistant with what has been the norm.

yes, there is.. any helmet to helmet hit on a QB, whether they're running with the ball or not, is a flag and they've been calling it that way all year. agreed with the other two though (and that Clarke is a lousy ref)

The Esks are hosting a Grey Cup this year so it'll be better for the league if Edmonton makes the playoffs. That's why the refs tilted the scales in Edmonton's favour. (I'm kidding). But it's the only thing I could think of to account for the lack of consistency.

Yes, some blown calls - but I really, really, hate whining about ref's when the REAL problem was that the Esk's racked up around 350 yards in total rushing - that is just pathetic defence.

I really would like to write to Tom Higgins - not to complain about this particular game because really, it’s a league-wide issue. I wonder if paying these guys more might help in recruiting, or whether we should look at adding a few ‘imports’ just to increase the overall talent pool?

At the end of the day, we’ve all taken it on the chin and I honestly can’t say one team is affected more than another, so I shouldn’t spazz out. But when you’re watching a game live, it still raises one’s blood pressure to see blown calls.

Thanks for allowing me to vent a little.

BTW, way good on Ricky Ray running for all those yards! It was a strange night at Empire. We even had a couple of streakers, one of whom managed to run the entire length of the field, eluding several security guards. Ricky said to a reporter afterward, “man, that guy was fast. If he’d been our quarterback tonight, he would have had 200 yards rushing.” OUCH! :lol:

They have to keep moving refs up so they can get new blood. I'm sure they'll be rated for their performance, good or bad, and they're gonna have a off nights for sure. I hate making excuses for them as much as the next person, but I do understand that you have to go with who you have and keep developing new officials. The best experience, and opportunity to improve, will be actually working games and getting experience. Unfortunately, calls are gonna get blown from time to time as they develop.

Bomber fans are no lovers of Murray Clarke either. I'm pretty sure he is the same ref who's crew declared that neither Kevin Glenn early in the year, nor Richardson a couple of games ago, fumbled on two critical game turning plays against the Bombers. In both cases the league apologized the next day and stated the calls were wrong.

If this guy is a head ref next year I'll be very disappointed.

Yeah that Banks penalty was an absolute disgrace to the CFL. There were a lot of garbage calls.
But like you said, the Lions deserved to lose and Edmonton deserved to win.
Secondly every team has been screwed by the reffing at some point.

So true for any team in any sport. Its part of the game.

LOL, it's true. We've all been through it. It's just that I thought we "got ours" back on September 18 against Hamilton when Anton McKenzie was clipped late in the game right in front refs. That blocking from the rear sprung Maurice Mann for a touchdown and Higgins admitted they blew it the next day (amazingly, they actually called something else on the play...and then reversed it!).

I think Tom Higgins has admitted to more screw-ups this year than the Chairman of Toyota!

I think there has been a fair amount of glaring inconsistant officiating this year. But I do agree with the unnecessary roughness against the helmut lead tackle. I thought that was just a rule. Lead with your helmut=unnecessary roughness.. no matter who you are tackling

Yup. Both leagues are trying to cut down on helmet hits. The NFL is talking about suspending guys...

So the CFL will talk about sending out a warning?

Nah, probably just a stern look and a finger wag.

You guys give them too much credit. They'll probably warn the players they may be giving out warnings concerning dangerous hits.