Murphy's Comments on Twitter

:thdn: [b]not cool [/b]... :thdn:

It appears there are no limitations to the limitations of Murphy's intelligence.

Here's a guy -- a 10-year pro in his mid-30s, no less -- who made a habit of personal disciplinary breakdown last year (2 ejections for rough play), an American native who has the nerve to refer to Quebecers as "foreigners" and to the province as "Frenchland." And then he tries to defend his outrageous remarks by saying they were "blown out of proportion." ( ... cle/841582)

If Stewart, Bowman, Emry or someone utterly rings Murphy's bell tonight, is there a chance it will make him smarter?

Wonder what he will be tweeting on his way back to Ontario on the train. :oops: :twisted:
Hey, Single Point, he didn't leave Ontario out - ha, and this is where he plays.