Murphy you got schooled!

By a Canadian to boot. Labinjo was a beast.

8 tackles
3 qb sacks
1 forced fumble

It's not his fault, the horse was taunting him from the sidelines :wink:

Well Murphy gave the horse a big kiss at the end of the game. LOL

anyone can beat anyone at times or they wouldnt be playing n the cfl. I saw one where he went past Murphy and I saw one where he was left wide open to the point where I could have sacked Buck. Dont recall the other one :slight_smile: clearly Murphy wasnt responsible for all of em

Murphy looked like a swivel door at a department store. LOL.

so labinjo had a great game.

let's see if he can do it for a full season next year. sure he showed up when it mattered the most but you cannot knock a guy like wake for having a great season and an okay performance yesterday. but if you watched closely on the big calgary play when i think they got a td, wake was held.

murphy is a great, great o-lineman. was labinjo always across from murphy?

i hope calgary fans don't turn into Rough Rider fans now that they have won 1 important game. Burris still has to prove that he can play on the biggest stage.

Wow Tiger-dirt where is this coming from? You sound like you need some cheering up. You hate to see kittys get neutered. OH right your a tiger cat fan sorry.