Murphy to test free agency

Place your bets. How long will he test free agency before he realizes none of the other teams want a goon? :lol:

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I think you will see an eastern bite but not at the price he is asking. He wants to be down east and eastern GM's know that now. So I would guess it will be soon.

...goon or no-goon.....the guy is a talented guess T.O. opens the vault for him....orrrrr the hammer :wink:

I'd expect Toronto to wave something his way... but please not Hamilton! :?

They'd love him in Hamilton.

If Printers gets the axe and Lumsden moves on, I gotta think they've got money to spend too.

Murphy is marketable not sure about Jimenez though. I aee him on the road with an organ grinder LOL.

Probably, second coming of Angelo Moska. :lol: :cowboy: