Murphy To Become CFL Free Agent

This report posted on the and edmontonjournal websites today indicates that B.C. Lions' offensive tackle Rob Murphy will test the CFL free agent market on Feb 16/09. Apparently, Lions' GM Wally Buono has made a contract offer to Murphy for more money than his current $145,000 per year salary but Murphy, who now has a home in Florida and has listed his B.C. home for sale, will explore whether a more geographically suitable eastern CFL team is as interested in his services as the Lions still seem to be.

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The Ticats could definitely use a left offensive tackle like Rob Murphy but the price could be prohibitive. Still, there is no harm in Obie "kicking the tires" on Feb 16/09.

Any bets that he ends up as an Argo?

If he wants money, then he will probably end up with the Argos and very miserable.

I actually see him as a fit for the Cats. It's the same situation as he started with in BC, a lot of young talent that came together and won mixed in with a few veterans.

I'd love to see him in a Cat uniform. I will despise him for his dirty play if he signs elsewhere.

If it money and Obie want Bob will roll out the Pocket book
No one is CFL has more Money then Bob..
It Depends if Obie wants spend the money it will Require to get an all Star Tackle..

If /when we cut Printers the team will free up over $400,000.

We could give $200,00 to Murphy, and still have a pantload left over to sign Jiminez.

Who would you rather have in our situation?
2 All Canadian tackles, or CP?

I would NOT pay him 200,000. No way.

I don't like him. If he comes here I will hope that he helps the team win and that he manages to calm down his idiotic behaviour, but I still won't like him.

Living in BC I've seen more of Murphy and he doesn't seem to be the same person when he's on the line. Off the line, even on the field he's a big, friendly guy. Any team that gets him will be better. :thup:

Boarehamgirl we Want Nasty guys protecting our QB and Opening Running Holes.
Rob is nice guy off field who has bad Rep..
Wally would not be trying to resign someone who a Locker room Problem..

Sorry Tom, but saying he has a bad rep makes it sound like he hasn't done anything to deserve that. He's earned every bit of that bad rep. He's dirty and he struts around like a peacock after acting like a jerk on the field. If we do sign him, I'll hope he contributes to our success, but that doesn't mean I will like him.

I really dont care if he's a jerk or not. Fact is; he's a great tackle that could help improve an area of need at the tackle position. I'm done with trying to bring in so called "good" guys. Get me football players.

As for your comments about opening the bank book onkinght. It has nothing to do with wether or not Bob will open the bank book. It has to do with the contract fitting the budget set and fitting inside the salary cap. It doens't matter how much money Bob has when there is a salary cap. That's the point of the cap.

you don't have to like him.

me personally, i hate him. i think he's a dirty player who is very arrogant and cocky. BUT if we sign him, i will absolutely fall in love with him.

to me it's a case of love him if he's here, hate'em if he's not

I won't fall in love with Murphy if he comes here. I didn't like Belli when he was here, and I wouldn't like Murphy either. I agree with BG-- I think Murphy's a jerk. I don't want jerks on our team. Not talented ones and not untalented ones. Let's get good players who are not jerks. I'm sure some must exist.

Although it is only my opinion, there is no question in my mind
that Obie will be actively pursuing Mr. Murphy come Feb. 16th

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Murphy, checking out the interest of CFL teams located east of the Rockies

is fulfilling to a pledge he made to his wife Amy.

They live in Florida in the off season
"Money is a secondary issue right now," insisted Murphy,

who shot down rumours he was asking for
a deal worth $200,000 from the Lions.

..."But when I signed my [last] deal, I promised my wife
if we had a family I would explore all my options.

They have triplets now.
Murphy vowed he would go back to Buono upon receiving other offers.
Will it be us, the Argos, or Wally who wins this one.

With us on the rise as a team and having a
hugely upgraded coaching staff securely in place.

I would bet on us over the Argos.

Hopefully, Wally won't convince him to stay.

Keep in mind that at least 75 000.00 would have to go to Printers replacement, not saying your forgeting but people often do.

Understand this: you do not cut a $400K+ QB to pay a tackle $200,000 in a cap world, I do not care how unworthy the QB may be to deserve the premium price tag, I just don’t see the cap logic in skewing your emphasis away from skill positions to that of linemen. The exception I make is that of an impact rush DE or DT. Unless you are talking a big man who can create turnovers, the approach I would always take is to pay for skill position players as the priority – and I include a game-changer kicker/punter like Setta in that re field position battles.

Great linemen do not grow on trees. However, this team needs good linemen on both sides of the ball AND a gamebreaking WR/returner to complement Prechae – a Winfield II if you will. Unearthing THAT guy is more likely a scouting issue and not a FA likelihood. The future cap money if Printers is cut has to be divvied up to lock up that gamebreaker, a Montford-style gamechanging DE, and/or a emerging star QB (time will tell if Porter becomes that guy) – not one O-lineman.

Murphy may be had if the reports are true. It will cost a pretty penny to get him, but a $60,000-ish raise is a little rich for me as armchair GM, Yes, we need to protect our QBs better, but we need to SCORE more and that equation needs more in the skill department. We can run very well, but we need a blazer who makes plays, stretches the field, and can allow us to use Rodriguez even more dangerously in single coverage. To me, we need to draft for the O-line, get Gagne-Marcoux healthy, and with more oomph from the D-line, we can expect more picks and fumbles generated.

The battle for this franchise is to get shorter fields to work with and score. Setta is a huge piece in that. Time will tell how Obie can get this done, if at all. Murphy would be great in a Ticat uniform because I hate him in a Lion one. LMAO

Oski Wee Wee,

While what you are saying is all true. Cameron Wake hasn't cost the Lions a fortune. A quality receiver costs 125 to 150k. Murphy is worth every dime of his 145k. One factor that may come in to play is that I remember when Buono went to his leaders regarding the choice of Dickenson and Printers. Murphy was tagged as one of the leaders who pushed hard for Dickenson to lead the team. Does Obi really want to chance spending 575 000 (combined) on two guys who may have a histrory ?

my take on murphy: he's a guy who went into a serious mid-season swoon last year, and had to be reminded by management to get his head in the game. he's a guy who just ... disappears. earlier in the year, he just seemed to sometimes just wave at people who rushed past.
i don't want a guy who will mail in half a season of work, when he's already the highest-paid offensive lineman in the league, and then want a raise!
i want a guy who will take great pride in not being beat, ever, whether it's the preseason, regular season, playoffs or cup. a guy who takes pride in knowing that every team that breaks down film on him will go: what a frickin' stud, we can't go through there ...
i also remember him as the guy who stood over saskatchewan's john chick, with his fist on chick's throat and his other fist cocked in his face.
i say let him go — and if the argos get him, he'll fit in perfectly with that band of reprobates, felons, dirt bags and scrotes. (he doesn't even look like a guy who works hard in the weight room; he's packing pop guns, not cannons!)
i think we want someone with a little pride, no, a lot of pride. and that's not this guy.

While I somewhat agree with your assessment about Rob Murphy not displaying the best "character" at times in his CFL career, I don't think the Tiger-Cats are in a position to start evaluating players based on perceived "character" and "pride" issues.

I say this because the team has won 3 games in each of the last two seasons, and when you need talent as much as the Tiger-Cats do, especially on the offensive and defensive lines, you need to acquire the most talented players possible. Bottom line. Sure, that doesn't mean you are signing convicted felons or locker room cancerous types, but I wouldn't pass on the opportunity to sign an import offensive tackle with an All-Star pedigree like Rob Murphy or even Jason Jiminez because they play close to, and sometimes cross, the line between fair and dirty play. The best linemen in the history of football are the ones who play close to that line.

If the Ticats can get him at a fair market price (he is obviously going to want more money than Wally offered) then by all means sign him up.

  • paul

I agree with absolutely everything you said about Murphy. He's a sneaky, dirty, arrogant jerk. If there someone who can do the job as good as he can (when he's on his game) out there, I'd rather sign that guy. That being said, IF we can sign Murphy for a reasonable price, I'd sign him. I'd hate him the whole time, but I'd sign him. :lol: I'm sick of seeing our QB under a pile of the enemy.

Who cares what a player gets paid? Just go out and win some games. Murphy is the best at his position and a little grit is IMO one of the main ingredients missing from this bunch.