Murphy shown the door.....

....after what seemed a promising start in the Bomber organization, John Murphy has been fired .. according to the free press....I guess the board didn't see enough in him to retain his services.... I don't know if any one thing resulted in his departure,,,The pac-man debacle didn't help....I don't hink his making a play for the Riders job helped him loyalty would have seemed a problem....I would say he was definitely looking after his own interests...ones that will be somehwere else after today.... You can't blame him for that...Good Luck Murph.... :thup:

thats to bad, he sure knew how to find talent.... i thought they would have been smart enough to recognize that...

Hefney, Lenny Walls, Mike Renaud to name a few

...let's hope Mack can do as well.....i think our new gm/vp wanted his own guy in the states...and from what i've heard his connections are vast......we'll see....Looks like we might keep Lenny Walls....rumours are that his price tag is going to be too high for nfl teams....Not that i don't want to see Walls not make the most of things....i'm thinking more for ourselves and the losses we have already taken.....anyway ...i'm getting off the subject.... :roll:

Should the Stamps question Barker's loyalty and fire him because he applied for the Bombers job? Should the Riders question Taman's loyalty and fire him because he applied for the Bomber job? Should Milanovich, Marshall, Jones, etc. have their loyalty questioned and be fired from their jobs because they are talking to other teams about jobs that would be a promotion?

Murphy was screwed, plain and simple. He gave up a good job with the Stamps to come to Winnipeg and he did a damn good job in 2009. There was no reason to let him go. Top that off with the way it was done - a one sentence press release on a Sunday afternoon. :roll:

this is all speculation, but maybe he decided to exercise that supposed clause in his contract that said no could be above him. Maybe he asked the bombers to let him go.

There was no proof that clause actually existed and if it did exist what it really said. Everytime the media mentioned it they included words like "reportedly has" or "believed to have" or "rumoured to have".

According the FP, the one sentence press release said Murphy was relieved of his duties. Relieved of duties is not the terminology used when someone resigns or agrees to be released.

BTW, Murphy still had 2 years left on his contract so there's more money that will be spent paying someone to do nothing.

The Bombers sure like throwing money down the toilet. They paid Berry a load of cash after the fired him, now Kelly and Murphy are getting the golden handshake. Plus Kelly was responsible for a lot of big bonuses to players who he eventually cut or traded (like Glenn and Goodspeed).

Anyway, Murphy won't be the last guy on staff to be fired. Mack has said publically that the current assistant coaches aren't going to be kept unless the new head coach wants them. Unless the new HC is Marshall, who is buddies with a lot of those assistants, it may be a bloodletting, followed by a fresh slate of new faces. And more golden handshakes. Your BOD must really like writing cheques to make people go away.

Kelly was NOT responsible for those bonuses. He did NOT negotiate the contracts that called for those bonuses. That was Taman. The only way Kelly can be blamed for those bonuses being paid was because he didn't cut or trade the players fast enough and he did cut Glenn before the larger of the two bonuses he was due was to be paid.

.....I DON'T KNOW ABOUT go into this business as such.....sometimes a ruthless one...that's the way the cookie crumbles....If feet get stepped should expect it....Could a press release on another day made any difference....doubt it....Life goes on...I hope Murphy finds a gig somewhere else...The Bombers will exist without him....did in the past....will in the future :wink: and as far as loyalty're right blueblood....i was foolish to think such a thing proven.........I liked Murph and the job he was doing.....we move on...A new broom sweeps clean....i think that's the ol saying..

Loyalty exists, papa, we know that. My point was I don't think it is necessarily disloyal to apply for a promotion with another club. It happens all the time without people having their loyalty questioned.

As for a one sentence press release on a Sunday, how many one sentence press releases have you heard about that announced a guy's firing. Would the Free Press and Sun have even mentioned that it was just one sentence if it was a common occurrence. Usually there's at least a token "thank you" or "we wish him well in the future" BS included but not in this case. And when was the last time you heard of an announcement being made on a Sunday.

Considering they've paid Murphy for almost a year. You would think they would at least wait until the draft in the spring.

Papa, one more thing about loyalty - it works both ways, doesn't it. How much loyalty did the BoD shown Murphy considering his departure had been speculated in the media ever since Bauer resigned and Kelly was fired.

Disappointed? A little...surprised? Not really. Writing was on the wall for Murphy when he didn't get the GM job...

Obviously Mack must have his own guy in mind...let's see who he brings in...

So now the Sun and FP are reporting that Jim Bell, interim President/CEO is the one who made the decision to fire Murphy (quotes from Bell directly). So much for the President/CEO only handling the business side of the organization. Mack hadn't even spoken to Murphy before Bell made this decision and he was fired over the phone even though both Murphy and Mack were scheduled to be in Mobile this week. Plus the Bombers have told Murphy that he's on the hook for the airline tickets he's booked for scouting trips he would have been going on for the Bombers. :roll:

That article also said:

Murphy applied for Winnipeg's GM job, but he didn't get an official interview despite being told he would get one.
Papa, have you changed your mind about Murphy not being screwed?

I'm beginning to believe those who said the circus hasn't left town, it's just changed ringmaster.

After reading the Sun article, the only thing that came to my mind was 'Huh? That really makes no sense at're firing him just because???'

The circus has not left town. Some new personalities have appeared at ringside such as Mack. :oops: :oops:

Murphy should have been treated with more class just because he managed to re-sign Jovon Johnson.

Clearly, the BOD is calling the shots for this team. Why was Mack even hired? He is just being told what to do by the puppeteers behind the scenes.

What a clown show!

It's ironic how some folks were calling for Bauer's replacement to have to be accountable to the BOD. Now it seems everyone will be... careful what you wish for...

There's a difference between someone being more accountable to the BoD and the BoD micromanaging the club.

In this case though it was a person who we had been told would be looking after only the business side of the organization only making a major decision regarding football operations.

And check this out from the WFP today:

The coaching staff, however, is a different issue. Mack is on the record as saying his new head coach will be free to make whatever moves deemed necessary in that department. The club reportedly owes close to $500,000 in assistant coaches contracts, but the board of directors has signed off on eating any and all of that if Mack and his new coach feel that is required.

Yikes! For me, this conjures up images of the BOD lighting cigars with $1000.00 bills (provided by Bomber season ticket subscribers). Will the BOD have any money left over to make the team better in 2010?