Murphy or Goodspeed?

The offseason is long and it isn't unusual for plenty of moves. Since some think the Cats missed the boat on Murphy during free agency who would you rather have?

Ham. didnt "miss" anything Murphy was never coming here unless Obie threw an insane, Katz-like amount of money at him that Tor. couldnt match.

Thankfully, it's Tor. that has a sizeable chunk of cap tied up in an O-liner and not us.

They play different positions (LTRT) so the point is moot.

If Goodspeed has another All Star season I can assure you $70,000 won't cut it.

Here hoping we are obligated to give him a raise.

I agree. This paycheck will do for now until he comes in and proves to us that he deserves higher. It's all about incentives.

Murphy is the better player so if I could fit him under the salary cap, I'd take him. He's the type of player that you can build a line around. However, for the money, Goodspeed is an excellent pickup for the Cats.

An Argo-Cat fan

Ya we probly could've gotten Murphy if we released Printers sooner. The argo's were desperate at that point and had a huge chunk of cap left so they signed him to a hefty contract. No biggie though really, our O-line looks to be in good shape and improving as we approach camp. Had we gotten him though we probly would've had the best or very close to the best OL in the CFL.

Goodspeed any day of the week! $190 000 for an o-lineman? I don't care who it is, I'll pass. No one lineman is worth it. He is just one piece of the line. Goodspeed is a damn good lineman. I usually don't get excited about signing linemen but this is a great signing. Obie really wheeled and dealed on this one. Great job.

I never wanted Murphy here. Maybe that's because I just can't stand his attitude and underhanded tactics. I'm all for hard nosed football, but there's a difference between being a tough player and flying off the handle.

Even if Murphy is a better player, it's ok. Our line was a good line to start with, run blocking anyway, they need to improve their pass blocking, but we didn't need the absolute best lineman at a ridiculous price. An Eastern All Star lineman is good enough for me.

One is a left the other a right tackle... Having said that for 09 anyway. 120k pays for a kevin Glenn or a Kenton Keith.

Both teams have added big pieces to the OL situation. In one season, both have gone from probably bottom 2 in the league to probably 3 and 4 (I’m not sure which would be which). Depending on who plays at LG for the Argos, I think that the Argos line barely edges the Ti-Cat line as better. But I think there’s no question that the Ti-Cats have better OL depth, so one injury could flip that right away.

Pretty sick that you guys got Goody for $70K. If I didn't know better, I would say this is maybe a thank you for Moreno last year.

No its first year GM jitters. Always happens. Ob got owned last year and made bad decisions. This year it is Kelly...He jumped the gun cutting players troats before free agency panned out and now it has forced him to tear down and rebuild from scratch, what is worse is the Bombers 2 division rivals got all the benefits from it. It is worse case scenario for the Bombers IMO.

Yeah like the Thompson and Knowlton trades.

More like

Watkins 3 way deal
Tony Miles

if murphy and goodspeed were products for sale in a store, for the price of 1 murphy, i could buy 2 goodspeeds and still have $50 grand left over…not a hard decision.

if they were the same price, id take murphy.

ticats, to me, made the deal of the offseason right here…most bang for the buck forsure.

I wouldn't mind Murphy if we didn't already have Gauthier and he was cheaper, now we add Goodspeed which is probably the best news I have heard all off season.

I think of it like this... What two positions gave me(us fans) the most anxiety, head aches, and frustration?

Answer: Left and Right Tackle!

Now we have Gauthier and Goodspeed, as a Tiger-Cat fan I am loving life right now... and I bet our QB's are too.

Can't wait for this season to start!

If you are going to compare Mike Kelly to a Ticats general manager, I think the smarter comparison would be to Marcel Desjardins, not Obie.

What does Chris Leak have to do with anything? And the rumoured trade for Kerry Watkins? Mike Giffin? I think you are stretching a bit ...

  • paul

Kelly is making Dejardins look like Wally Buono........

The Tiger-Cats, especially offensive co-ordinator Mike Gibson, had been after Goodspeed for a while. As the Sun reported in February, Hamilton tried to pry him out of Winnipeg for a first-round draft pick, but the Bombers also asked for Canadian receiver Chris Bauman and the talks ended there.

So the Ticats got Goodspeed, the East Division's top offensive lineman in 2007, in a roundabout way, reuniting him with left tackle Alexandre Gauthier and quarterback Kevin Glenn.

Not only that, but Hamilton has to pay him only $70,000 this season after the Bombers forked over an $80,000 bonus last month to make him more attractive on the trade market.

Except we didn't get Goodspeed from Winnipeg, we got him from Saskatchewan.

So, the Peg still owes us for Moreno.

How do you know Goodspeed's Salary is 70K? Link please.
Just remember, Hamilton paid half a million a season for Casey Printers........