Murphy joins Riders as VP football operations

It's best if you don't

Let them asked for the sky and when no one can afford them, they are out of a job.

More like the same idiotic ones who just can't figure things out and want to blame everything on Sask. When Jones became H.C. of Edmonton he got out of his D.C. contract with Toronto. Zero difference then. So why aren't you going all whiney at the Esks for their part in that.

As for the salary cap, no one has ever come close to what Montreal overspent and LOST A DRAFT PICK for it they were so far over. Never happened before or since. So why aren't you getting all whiney at the Als for being the biggest abusers of the cap EVER in this league. You really have to get over the cute little Sask. girl that dumped you years back.

So, Riders get their 1st (Jones) 2nd (Murphy) and 3rd (O'Day) choices for GM.... :expressionless:

Why is it that Rider fans are always the first ones to whine when they don't get their way but they criticize others for having an opinion. Saskatchewan was over the salary cap something like 6 of the last 9 years and they were the only ones who have been over more than once, yet here we see that because Montreal did it once, they are the biggest abuser. But as we all know, the Riders paid the fine so it didn't happen. :wink:

I actually hope that Edmonton went over the cap this year so we can hear the whining out of Saskatchewan.

Because opinions that differ from facts is known as whining.

I have yet to see anyone deny it happenned...I see most saying it is teir one and a luxury tax at that point, so who cares...kudos to them for getting every dime out to the players that they could. The first level of the cap is soft for a reason, and if you are not pushing that boundry at the risk of creeping into it then that is a shame. If it was not a luxury tax I am sure it would have been approched differently...but as it stands now, if you are not flirting with that line at the end of the year and you are still turning a profit you are a complete schmuck. I also got a kick that the Cats were over the cap, went to the cup and there was no kicking and screaming by some that do when the it is green...pretty telling. The Als sometimes get poked because they are the only ones to break through the luxury tax bracket...but they paid the fine and moved on.

So you are now saying that it is not a fact that the Riders went over the salary cap? That is a newsflash, do you have a source?

Yet he cares enough to make that comment? lol :roll: :roll:

Bunch of whiners masquerading as football fans on this site lately

John Murphy is a good hire. He found a lot of good people in Calgary with Huf.