Murphy joins Riders as VP football operations

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John Murphy now a member of the Rider football organization.

Cool, so much excitement in the last 3 days in Riderville :smiley:

This should make for some interesting meetings in Vegas. SO MUCH FOR SPINNING HOW Jones is worth all that money because he is doing all Jobs.

Give it a rest man. Austin is making a similar salary and has Tillman in a similar role

I do suspect a major problem that may or may not happen :

With the new state of the art stadium in Regina that will even topple NFL standards , with a new stadium and top notch coaching staff
they , the Riders start winning quickly and even grab the championship , the NFL will notice big time and rape that CFL franchise - even if the Riders could match any offer givin , there will be an exodus of player and personel

What is a blessing today could be disaster tomorrow - but that is ' sports '

If the NFL comes calling for talent and people want to go take better opportunities, the Riders don't have a leg to stand on for trying to stop them after the Jones situation.

It'd be shameless hypocrisy.

The Riders have never stopped anyone from pursuing their NFL opportunities unlike some other organizations in the league.

Not a problem. The organization will simply wind up the money-making machine and crank out another $5 million in Rider swag sales, which they will then offer to whoever is the top executive in the league at that point. This will continue until/unless the CFL decides to also put a cap on management salaries.

You know what, I don't even care enough to make a sarcastic comment about the Riders organization...

Championship teams get pillaged in every league (or attempted to)...always have always yes, this would be likely

we shall see how Jones handles that...water that has never been tested.

there's a grey cup winning team every year and we don't see a lot, if any "raping" from the NFL, so not much of a point IMO.

Same bunch making excuses as the ones who told us the Riders didn't cheat because they paid the fine for exceeding the cap. Its comical.

Come on man. If they did something wrong why have they not been fined for it?

Well in regards to this topic. Murphy is a free agent and has earned the right to work where and for who he wants.

General issue for me is two fold.

First raiding a team's entire coaching staff actually threatens that business sometimes for years depending how they managed to cope. So instead of forcing the Riders to find their own creative solution to bring their team to the top level. We bring the top level team down to that of the bottom feeder. Then you have the situation where the Riders real competition to rise to playoff team is Winnipeg who will get to stay at the bottom because they got outspent by Saskatchwan... So support for CFL football is damaged in Edmonton probably in Winnipeg and if the Riders actually win it all, it will be without glory and labelled as buying a championship.

The second is the way the Riders are abusing their fat wallet is irresponsible. You can't pay Taman, Chamblin, Murphy, O'day and Jones 750k and look someone straight face and tell them your not setting a new measuring stick for football op budget across the league. To me outspending the rest of the league for sideline and recruiting talent is the same as out spending for on field talent creates the same problems. Guys like Austin and Popp probably can't wait to use Jones contract to force their owners to pay up.

In the end why is it that whenever we are talking about exceeding SMS, or spending even as far as preventing Ottawa from using its rightful name. It is always the same franchise ??? There is a pattern there and it does nothing to improve the league.

Who said they are paying Jones 750 k? From what I understand his contract is incentives based.

Whose coaching staff did the "raid". They got Jarious Jackson as a QB coach. He was likely gone anyways.

If you have an issue with it, encourage people in your community to spend their hard earned cash on your team like we do out here. Time to make this a professional league, not require players and coaches to hold part time jobs to feed their families.

I"m pretty sure none of these gentlemen were holding part time jobs :roll:
In fact I'm certain of it but nice try.

Even a Saskatchewan reporter wrote an article yesterday explaining exactly why this is ugly.

Meh. I'm happy with the decision made by the organization. Again if you don't like it, buy more merchandise.

Didn't Chris Jones move under contract from Toronto to Edmonton? The Eskimo org. and their fans have nothing to complain about.

Of course you are.

If I remember correctly, Huf was surprised that he left Calgary the way he did as well.