Mulumba having a great camp in GB

While he hasn't made the team yet. Everything points that Mulumba will win a spot on the GB Packers roster.

Le rendement de l’athlète de 6 pieds 3 pouces et 260 livres a attiré l’attention de l’entraîneur-chef Mike McCarthy.

«Je crois qu’il a grandement progressé depuis le printemps, a-t-il déclaré lors d’un point de presse. Que ce soit avec ou sans ses épaulettes, il n’y a pas de différence dans son cas. Je pense qu’il cadre très bien avec notre défensive (3-4). Il utilise bien ses grands membres et il est dans une très bonne séquence.»

Mulumba a fait parler de lui dans les premiers jours du camp en ayant le meilleur sur le porteur de ballon et choix de deuxième tour des Packers, Eddie Lacy, au cours d’une violente collision entre les deux joueurs pendant un exercice. Lacy est loin d’être un client facile avec un gabarit de 5 pieds 10 pouces et 230 livres.

De plus, il connaît du succès sur les unités spéciales. Un facteur qui n’est pas à négliger quand une recrue souhaite se faire une place dans la NFL.

The performance of the 6,3 260 pound athlete has attracted praise from HC Mike McCarthy.

"He's progressed a lot since spring, McCarthy said during his daily scrum. He's the same with or without pads. I think he's a great in our 3-4 scheme. He uses his lenght very well and he has a great motor."

Mulumba got attention in the first days of camp getting the best of a violent collision with 2nd round draft pick Eddie Lacy. Lacy is tough to bring down at 5,10 230 pounds.

He's also having a lot of success on special teams. An important aspect that always comes into play when a rookie hopes to crack an NFL roster.

yes it seems more and more like he's likely to stick with the Pack out of camp, and main roster at that. He won't be up here anytime soon, but obviously he's a talent maybe his rights can be used as a bargaining chip to bring in a player that can help us now or in 2014 from a team more able to wait on a talent.

Another article in a Milwaukee paper says he's a project and the Packers will need to make a decision on whether he's worth developing.

Weird, I don't get the same thing at all from that article. First off undrafted recruits are ever if ever written about and these quotes by his COACH does not point to him being cut at all.

"Athletic. Great, coachable spirit," outside linebackers coach Kevin Greene said. "Willing to learn. He really tries to do it the right way with his fundamentals and technique. And he does it the right way. Very rarely do I have to correct him on the same error. ... Very raw. But he's learning every step. He's taking big steps forward."

.....Project or making the club...Either way we know he has talent and 'could' be a Bomber in the future...I was very happy with the pic... :thup:

5 tackles , 1 sack in his first two pre-season games.

Figures that one of the the only good Canadians we've got would be playing in the States. Haven't the Packers heard about Cauchy Muamba, he'd fit in beautifully down there! :wink:

What will decide things for Mulumba is special teams play. He never played any in College but considering how hard he's working he might just make the roster, worst case he's going on the practice roster but that's dangerous because most teams aren't as deep as GB at LB, so a team could grab him.

Mulumba had a bit of a knee injury and missed the Packs 3rd preseason game, he's back to practicing now.