Multiple threads on the same topic can be problematic

If a thread already exists for a topic, starting a new thread only serves to stroke the ego of the person posting it, who feels their opinions are too important to go in the body of the thread that was already started. Sometimes it makes sense to start a new thread, for instance when there is breaking news related to a discussion that has been going on for a long time, but usually it's better to post a reply rather start a new thread.

I agree with you, and I agree with the other poster in the thread on the same subject from earlier.

That's funny.

I agree with both of the above posts.

Lol! ;D

This is just my opinion, not starting a war like the Masoli vs Collaros thing which is way out of hand.
I am not sure what social media etiquette is or if there is any, but I don't think it has anything to do with egos.
I disagree, I hate sifting through pages of threads to find information.

If you have a new comment on a topic or opinion that is different, by all means start a new thread so if it is noticed and recognized and most important interesting - people will discuss your comment or opinion. I would rather scan subjects and see if it interests me than sift through pages of a single thread and try to remember where I left off. It's like a newspaper having one giant story in the sports section. You read by headlines and decide what is interesting.

Also while we are at it. There are far too many derogatory comments towards people's opinions on this forum too and unfortunately I participated in some as retaliation which is why I jumped all over the Masoli win last night.

I was unhappy with losing and my heart said he needed to play and I hate what Austin was doing and people were very derogatory so I got sucked in to doing the same thing.

So we should all really respect everyone's opinion on here as that is what this is a discussion of opinions - not a place to make derogatory insulting comments because you don't agree with them.

Anyway, sorry for the long winded post but good subject to discuss.

Whether I agree with you or not, I should point out that I started this thread mostly tongue-in-cheek in response to the existence another thread on the exact same subject. I'd post a link to it, but I guess it's been merged or deleted or something.

I think a lot of the multiple threads on the same topic are simply made because the creators don't bother to first check if one already exists.

So does this mean I can't start a new thread boss man about how Johnny Football and Masoli are going to kill the CFL Next season and in 2018 we win the Cup?!

Might want to wait until we have at least one, and preferably both under contract for 2018.