Slotback Andy Fantuz may miss Friday's game against the Montreal Alouettes but it appears the Saskatchewan Roughriders would like him to play a few more years in Regina.

According to CJME Radio, the Roughriders have offered a multi-year extension to Fantuz, who is slated to become a free agent at the end of the season.

well i hope they can work out a deal i think he is our most important reciever behind dressler.

With Fantuz being an Ontario boy, it may take more that $ to keep in the green and white. If Fantuz doesn't want to re-sign, wait till the end of the season, then trade him to the team, of his choice, for a 1st round CFL Draft pick and another starter.

The Riders waited with Mo and Anton and they ended up getting squat for them. At this point Toronto would probablly cough up a lung for him. If Andy doesn't give the Riders a firm indication that he wants to re-sign after the break then trade him now. Toromto's need for a receiver won't be as urgent in the off seasin so now is the ideal time to maximize his trade value. I'd hate to see him go but we're probablly going to lose him in any event.

I would argue he is more important than Dressler. And they need to pay him w.e he wants.

I would seriously crap a brick if we traded him he is the most important receiver we have fantuz is become a "face" of the team