Mukbangs Yes or No

Around Christmas someone told me about Mukbangs and that some people love watching other people eat as a form of entertainment .

Investigated and it’s a real thing .

Not going to last as entertainment for me but when it comes up on my recommended for some reason if it’s a food I like ; I will see what they have before clicking away .

Here is an example from her channel title

The Hungry Fat Chick .

Also they don’t have to be fat . People apparently like the sounds they make .

simply gross to me

It is very gross .

People are making money eating with all the crunching , slurping , yums , burps and farts included .

If they watch people sleep too who snore ; I might have to get in on that action as I love to do both .

They have taken the expression " find something you love to do and you will never work a day in your life " ; to the extreme .



I miss the old Pizza Hut style pizza . It was good .