Is it just me, or are you all in the same boat? Im really rooting for this kid, Canadian QB, grandson of Ron Lancaster, I hope this kid has a great game against Calgary this Friday, itd be awesome to develop him as the 3rd string QB under Ricky and Kerry Joseph to maybe become a starter, I know this is a stretch to say after 1 game but I guess its just my biased opinion
GO MUELLER :smiley:

He was released today.

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I've no idea what Tillman is doing at QB. When he became GM, he said one of his main priorities was improving the depth at QB. What has he done since then?

Forced Maas to retire.
Released Zabransky, our only young guy with CFL experience
Released Mueller
Signed old man Joseph

Way to improve the QB depth. :thdn:

The way I see it is this is the day and age to groom second string QB's on the roster of CFL teams at the moment. For the Esks it is Nichols who down the road will be #2 or could be already. On the release of Zabransky; a roll out type of QB compared to Nichols who is a drop back/pocket type of Quaterback and better suited to the offence that the Eskies want to run. Thus, there could very well be more behind the scenes that we don't know about as Zabransky did feel (and in Question) he was good enough to start. As for Joseph being here; I don't know if he is the answer but on the otherhand, who else is out there to bring in? :expressionless: I guess the answer to that is wait and see. Good experience for Mueller being here, another year in Regina to shoot for a Vanier Cup title and then back here in training camp next year.

I wonder if they'll at least add him to the practice roster. Would be nice.

It makes sense to have a veteran back-up. Just look at what happened to Winnipeg last year. And I called for them to sign a veteran. But if Joseph is honestly the best we can do, then why have a veteran? I don't mean to be so harsh toward Joseph. He has a MOP and a Grey Cup. But he's 37, and he looked brutal in pre-season. I just don't see signing Joseph as a positive. Hopefully Nichols develops.

Reports from esks training camp is!!!!!!!! ERIC WARD has been outstanding, is as good passer as Ricky so far. Thats your #2
I'm big fan of Jason Moss. However $120,000 to carry clipboard is a bit much. Kerry $55,000, Ward $70,000 and theirs
still Matt Nichols who was originally slated #2 behind Ricky.QB Mueller was going back for final year university where he'll get much needed playing time.. Very nice plan!!! Hope it works..

I assume Mueller can't be on the PR and play amateur football at the same time, I'm surprised he was allowed to play with the Esks at all and still play college ball, though I'm glad he did.

Joseph's performance was fairly craptacular, I would rather see any of the new guys playing instead of him.

McCarty played great, nice to see him get his shot.

Not a bad effort all around after a shaky start by the new team, this week should be interesting.

Joseph should be released or kept on the PR at best, no need for him at this point. Both Nichols and Ward looked pretty confident and both played very well IMO. I'm happy with them as #2 and #3.

I didn't realize Mueller had another year. That's... odd. :expressionless:

No Joseph Pleaseeeeeee.

I'm basically with everyone else on this also, however Joseph is in great shape and is here for insurance/barring injury. Now with that said; Give Ricky Ray the protection he needs (OL may still be in Question) to have a great season, move the offence up the field and score points is easy to say but it's so true. If this happens Nichols/Ward? can come in and get the Reps he needs to up his game, as/thus in the future some one will eventually be the Esks next #1 pivot.

I thought THANK GOD D.M. is gone. Now maybe we will see some consistency, and quality players who we can count on to make the big plays might last more than a year in Edmonton before being traded or released. During DM's reign every year was a "rebuilding" year. Now I'm watching the first preseason game, very impressed with this young Mueller, and thinking "No Maas, no Zabranski, well at least this young guy shows potential, and at his age he could be a replacement for Ray down the road. A week later... Look at Cahoon and Calvillo in Montreal. There is a reason that team finds success year after year. Just imagine if we had our guys gelling for multiple years together, what kind of team we'd have. Every player worth keeping though ends up playing against us!!!

It's not all that rare for a player to get released from a CFL camp then go back to university. I am pretty sure it's why they allow CIS players to play 5 years of university. If you are not drafted after your fourth year(asuming the nessisary paper work has been filed). You have the option to sign as a free agent or go back to university. Matt Walter will most likely go back for his fifth year as well. I would like to see the rules change a little... That I you draft a player, or sign him as a free agent and gets the axe and goes back to university, the team can exersise and option to
maintain the rights to that player. almost like sending your player back to the minors fora year.