Mudge for Fiacconi

Just heard about the “swap” between Montreal and Winnipeg. Your thoughts: Is getting rid of Mudge in favour of Fiacconi going to do anything for Winnipeg’s offense?

My bad - didn’t see the other thread about this. :oops: :oops:

…strange, normally a very vocal group I haven’t heard much from the BB fans on this one yet today…although he will probably miss some buddies ont he squad, Mudge didn’t sound TOO upset about going to a contending team…

This deal favours the Alouettes on the short term, and the BlueBombers on the long run.

Still, Fiacconi must be pissed. Who wouldn’t be when traded to the league’s lifeless team. At least, he’ll get to be a full time starter…

too bad to see mudge go. he has struggled a little lately though but wpg oline has been one of our weak points for years and he was the one piece of consistency in it. getting a center is big for us though as sheridan is not that good. he is overrated i think and he definently is not a center. i don’t know enough about fiacconi to comment on him but am willing to welcome him with open arms. esp if he can help out our weak line. if our young qbs could get some time back there maybe they can start to develop. hard to improve when you spend all your time running for your life.