Much to be done yet

The win over the Argo nots was indeed satisfying, but from my point of view, our Ticats remain in a spot of trouble.
Most of our problems continue to be along both lines. I hope that the search for adequate linemen continues because
our current crop needs to be thinned out on O and D with some hungrier athletes.

At the moment, I would guess that the Ticats will be lucky to make the playoffs. I realize its very early to make this
statement and I hope that my personal analysis is incorrect, but seems to me, we still have a long way to go.

A win is a win but it was assisted by some terrible special team play by Toronto.

"A win is a win but it was assisted by some terrible special team play by Toronto."

And here I've told over and over again how much of a special teams genius O'shea is??????

I could be wrong but I dont believe we gave up a sack so the O-line did pretty well IMO. The D-line was getting pressure and looked better this week. If Peach is back that should help. Rome was not built in a day and if you asked me we are in bettr shape than Toronto, Winnepeg and Montreal is not looking all that stellar. Yeah we have work to do but thats why they play games. Our secondary played decent considering injuries back there and the LB's were solid.

I still hold out hope that Cortez will see the light and get Avon in the games.

Walkers 17 carries for 66 yards should have been better.

No sacks, but pressure. Zero sacks due in part to Burris' abilities and experience to run, and throw the ball away. Only 12 completions on 27 passes.

The offense was not good, due largely to the play of the o-line, IMO.

He ran by design not pressure, there were some drops and errant throws and neither were because of the O-line. They were better but still have work ahead

Simmons on the left tackle spot continues to get beat every time. He is protecting Henry’s blind spot and he hasn’t been doing a good job. Also, Walker is still missing blocks. This is where we could use Avon’s experience.

I was out of town and only saw parts of the game.
My overall impression over three games though is that there has been improvement after each game.
I suspect that if this continues we will be very competitive for the rest of the season.
I worry about the O and D lines...our defence in general..and the fact that Dave Stala and Avon Cobourne are not getting much playing time.
I suspect there is a reason for this ...maybe Coach Cortez likes the faster young players. His use of Chris Williams is excellent but I just hope Williams does not get banged up because of that.
I like our prospects for this season

We were supposed to be loaded at receiver, yet we haven't got one receiver in the top and Walker just can't get an opening.
The QB is not getting the time. So it's obvious that it's the porous "O" line we go out and find an experienced QB a great running back and pay the big bucks for a reliable receiver but it's useless without an "O' line. And with the ratio I don't think they can do anything, there are just no NI lineman out there.
The defense is coming along, they shut down the Argos when needed and were coming on strong against the Lions.
The special teams are the best.

It's the "O" line that is the one problem!! if the "O" line blocks our offense rolls over the opposition, it's as simple as that.

I know that stats don't tell the whole story, but for the last 3 games...

Game 1,pass yds 284(72%) run 148 = 432
Game 2,pass yds 359(66%) run 66 = 425
Game 3,pass yds 181(44%) run 112 = 293

Game 1,pass yds 390(74%) run 121 = 511
Game 2,pass yds 178(55%) run 208 = 386
Game 3,pass yds 232(74%) run 170 = 402

Cap'n: thanks for the numbers...but you are right. They don't tell the whole story. If it was all about the passing game and defence it looks to me like we should have lost game 3. :wink: Different teams, different outcomes .....thank goodness.
I gave up on stats a long time ago. The only only that matters to me is the win or loss column.

Yes there is work to be done, but you also have to realize that it is easier for teams to plan against Walker now that they have some game film on him. He was an unknown for the past few weeks, but teams are not getting a better read on him since they have some tape to watch.

Let's also remember that Walker is a rookie and is learning about the plays, his coaches and his teammates.

His Oline needs to step up and make some room for him. It seems during the last game that when he ran from scrimmage there were lots of tacklers and not much assistance around him. Make some holes and you'll see a difference in the run game.

I think Walker, as a rookie, will only get better, and the O-line will gel with time sooner or later.

Right now, I'm most concerend with the D-line's pass rush and run stopping.

Agreed, Cap’n. We chatted earlier about not paying a whole lot of attention to stats, but 2 sacks in 3 games

along with little pressure on opposing QBs, give me cause to believe we don’t have much of a rush going on.

Thank goodness for our linebackers.

I saw a number of times during the game against "that" team that the pass rush got in Ray's face. Even the game commentators remarked on how the Hamilton pass rush improved.

Even if you don't sack the quarterback, if you can harrass him, it will cause him to throw it away (incompletion) or throw it before he wants to (interception). Either result is good too.

Greg Peach is due back soon, and here's hoping that will bring even better results.

Cats have to make more use of Burris as a running threat by rolling him out and having option plays. The quick 3 second passses over the line will also help the O line situation by cutting down the pass rush, and when their D load the center of the line it leaves Walker open to run wide.

In the presser afterward, Cortez mentioned that he reminded Burris to use his legs. And it was shortly after that conversation between the two that Henry started running with it in the fourth quarter.

Both quarterbacks were getting the ball out in less than 3 seconds. That, and the fact that the Cats were relying on the front 4 for much of the game to bring the pressure, made the Dline's job difficult. Even if they couldn't sack Ray but once, they got in his face a number ot times, once resulting in an interception.