much ado about nothing

“From a summer blockbuster trade to his miserable CFL debut, fans couldn’t stop talking about Johnny Football this season”

actually, it was the idiotic media that couldn’t stop talking about him.

. . . and his gang of worshippers. . .

It’s awful when anyone worships any athlete, isn’t it? It’s just not right.

I worshipped Clutch Cargo until I was 30 years old.

He certainly provided a lot of comic relief.

Hard to argue about Manziel being the top newsmaker. Largely because the story took so long to play out, from the “will he sign” storyline, to “will he behave”, “will he start”, “he was traded!”, to “he played in a CFL game” etc.

Further down in the article I couldn’t help but notice something about Lewis Ward. I don’t want to start any blasphemous rumours here, but … doesn’t he look an awful lot like his head coach? Wondering where Rick C was about 23 years ago.