Muamba Signs

Henoc first. Now supposedly, Kelvin. I am expecting Cauchy for next year.

Here`s a tweet I found confirming it:

The Cord | Sports ?@cordsports 3h3 hours ago
Wide receiver @KelvinMuamba of @WLUAthletics signed with the Montreal Alouettes today. #CFL

Kelvin was a teammate of Chris Ackie at Laurier. He was invited to the Tor. regional combine but not the main one. Somewhat of a common denominator in all this is Hardaway being the agent for Ackie and Henoc.

Now if okie reports that Mrs. Muamba has been added to the Als coaching staff, we know we have a problem.

[i]Reminds Johnny of the time the Expos signed Vladimir Guerrero’s brother Wilton. Wilton did not play much, but the star player of the team was happy to have his brother around. Mommy Guerrero never coached for the Expos, but the two brothers brought her to Montreal.

She cooked meals for them and they had family dinners in Montreal! [/i]

She made the best arroz y frijoles in town !

I really hope Kelvin is a legitimate prospect and is not taking up a practice roster spot that could be used for well needed prospects when the Als expand their practice roster I believe tomorrow. If this was just part of the deal to get Henoc, Als players will sense the preferential treatment.

At least with Sam the Als didn`t sign his boyfriend to the practice roster.

Others players added to the Als PR as announced today are:

Vincent Brown OT
Will Brown CB
Johnathan Bryant WR (who was released after training camp)
Jonathon Rumph WR
Jerry Rice Jr. WR (who had been rumored to be someone on the Al's neg list.)

From some quick googling on their background, not a very impressive group. And where`s the d-linemen?

Tough being an Als fan these days! Might have to go into therapy!

Rien pour écrire à sa mère.

Dans ma lettre ouverte, je questionnais la qualité des dépisteurs des Alouettes. Cette brochette semble m'incline à persister dans mon doute.

[i]Jerry Rice Jr, another Popp publicity stunt à la Chad Johnson, Ahman Green, Michael Sam and Quincy Carter. Popp is really getting on Johnny's nerves! :thdn:

Besides, if he played some games, could you imagine Rod Black!

"Jerry Rice Jr, son of... Walter Payton [/i]

8 of the 14 PR spots are now occupied by receivers. Not so subtle hint that productivity needs to be improved in that department. On the other hand, maybe Popp just could not sign any better prospects regardless of position.

C'est ce qui me fait douter. Alors que plusieurs autres équipes trouvent et engagent de bons joueurs, les dépisteurs des Alouettes ne semblent pas être en mesure de dénicher les meilleurs candidats pour les besoins que l'équipe doit combler.

Not all players want to come north for the pathetic money they make on the PR.

CFL really shot itself in the foot in he last CBA. Sure, they’ve got a low payroll, but $600 a week isn’t going to buy many groceries. Now with fans complaining about lack of talented players coming in you can see the connection.

Herb Zurkowsky ?@HerbZurkowsky1 11m11 minutes ago
Hearing the #Als are shopping non-import MLB @HenocMuamba. Edm would seem to be most-likely destination.

Herb Zurkowsky ?@HerbZurkowsky1 5m5 minutes ago
The addition of non-import DT Vaughn Martin potentially makes @HenocMuamba expendable in a trade.

Henoc just likes Cauchy more than Kelvin. Seriously though, I wonder who would the Als get in such a trade?

I would not be surprised if we had to release him outright. I don't understand this move at all. Wood can't stay healthy. Als should package Ricola Boulay with him at this point. Might make it more attractive for Edmonton.

I like OL Danny Groulx when healthy and DT Eddie Steele, but if Popp looking to dump salary, he may be only looking for draft picks.

I will definitely not be surprised if he is moved/traded or even released; as I wrote when he was signed, I felt that it was a good decision, but ,seeing him played in a few games, I felt that he was not worth what he was being paid. Yes, Bear Woods has been injured but when healthy he is is much better than Henoc.

In the last few weeks /days, I wondered how the Alouettes could afford these high salaries to players such as S.J.,Duron,Chip,Winston, Henoc, John and, as of yesterday,Vaughn Martin.

If,as Herb wrote when he was signed, Henoc is due a bonus on February 16,2016, a move will have to be made before. If there are no takers and I don't see too many, I will not be surprised if he is released before next Tuesday. Why would a team make a trade for him,knowing that the Alouettes may release him? The only takers,for future draft choice, could be Edmonton or Hamilton or Toronto. At this time, Edmonton is a team that has more cap flexibility, following departures of so many players.


Henoc Muamba ?@HenocMuamba 23m23 minutes ago

When you come out of your work out session and you hear about you in trade talks


Every FA should take note going forward.