Muamba named GC109 Most Valuable Player, Canadian

REGINA — With his efforts in the 109th Grey Cup, Toronto Argonauts linebacker Henoc Muamba has been named the 109th Grey Cup’s Most Valuable Player and Most Valuable Canadian.

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OK, but speedy Brandon finally got a GC

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And Banks almost cost his team the chance with his major at the end there.

Felt good for Muamba there, thats what its all about. Not nearly the same when you win it 3 times in a row.


That and he was truly outstanding yesterday…and he is truly Canadian :maple_leaf: :maple_leaf: :maple_leaf:


As much as I wanted Winnipeg to win (or should I say TO to lose) seeing Henoc get his awards was a truly 'feel good' moment. Damn near brought a tear to me crusty ole eye when he picked up his little girl.


Muamba was a warrior and the difference maker out there last night.

Well deserving of his awards and to finally hoist The Cup.

Congrats Henoc


Both Henoc Muamba and Brandon "Speedy" Banks can end their illustrious careers on a winning note. :musical_note: :notes: :rainbow: I am so grateful to have watched their entire careers take place. Thanks for the precious highlights and best of luck in your post football aspirations. :football: :canada: :gem:

Brandon Banks