Muamba and Wieneke Award Finalists

Outstanding Canadian and Rookie

Both fully deserving. Weineke has been such a nice surprise.

Cant argue with either of them.
Both had Fantastic seasons.
Both are much deserving

Bigger news to me is that Khari Jones is not even a finalist for Coach of the Year.

Cant argue wit that either. My vote wuld be for KJ. But with Mosoli going down & the Ticats not skipping a beat with Evans. I get it.
15-3 nada to snooze at.

Hamilton is +7 wins compared to 2018
Montral is +5 wins compared to 2018

And it is much tougher to get to 15 wins than to get to 10 wins.

Since there is one rep per division, the right choice was made, this takes nothing away from what Jones accomplished this season.

And Steinauer accomplished this as a rookie HC without the reigning Eastern MOP and all star QB for the most part. Astounding year actually.

I don’t think it’s as cut-and-dried as win differential within two seasons. Montreal has been in the toilet for five years, compared to Hamilton having one down year at 8-10. To me what Khari has been able to do, as INTERIM head coach – don’t forget, he only became HC after training camp! – is just phenomenal, especially considering how many different hats he wears (HC, OC, Qb coach, co-Gm). And we’ve been ravaged by injuries all over the place.

Not saying I think Coach O is not deserving. I think he’s done a tremendous job in Hamilton. But there was a legit case to make for KJ too in my opinion.