MTL's 1st round Draft pick DB Ackie is no show at Als Camp

Justin Dunk ?@JDunk12 3m3 minutes ago Guelph, Ontario
Contract details for #Alouettes 1st round pick, LB/DB Chris Ackie: $21,000 signing bonus and $79,000 in base and roster bonuses. #CFL



A pretty good explanation of increased rookie salaries here

What happened with Chris Ackie's holdout? How will increased rookie deals work?

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Thanks Grover

Will be interesting to see how this impacts player negotiations going forward. When you raise the floor like that everything else goes up with it. How does this impact the Als negotiations with Mike Edem who is in his option year, or any team wishing to sign him in free agency ?

It's about time these guys got a decent salary. I support whatever they feel they need to do to squeeze money out of their GMs. These guys workout year round now, unlike days gone by. It isn't a part-time job anymore.

If they make a pro roster, they're elite players. Pay them accordingly.

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$100K is a lot higher than I expected: I wonder exactly what the roster bonuses are.

Before hearing this my guess was that Ackie wasn't going to end up playing a regular season down for the Als, either because he'd go back to WLU or get traded. Als seem to have a lot of players similar to him: Edem, Brouilette, Lue, Townsend. But maybe this is their answer to the new special team rules.

As Herb wrote, depending on playing time and incentives he could make $100,000 in 2015. Not guaranteed to be $100,000.