MTL's 1st round Draft pick DB Ackie is no show at Als Camp

Didier Orméjuste ?@DidierRDS 12m12 minutes ago
Alouettes' first round pick, Chris Ackie was not at the team's rookie camp. GM Jim Popp said that his last offer was final. #CFL

Good for Jim. Ackie was projected as a second round pick according to himself. Als take him with their first pick and now he punishes them for it... BC wanted him, trade him for their first rounder next year. Easy peasy Ackie.

Why would BC want a kid who isn't accepting a what is no doubt a fair offer from a great GM for a rook?

Locker room cancer alert.

We may not have the information,yet, but I don't think that other first rounds picks have not signed. They are:
Ol Sean McEwan with Toronto. I know that he may return to school.
OL Danny Groulx with Edmonton.
OL Karl Lavoie With Calgary.

WR Lamar Durant,2nd round pick of Calgary, has also not signed,yet.

I don't worry too much; I expect all of these players,including Ackie, to sign in the next day or days,before Sunday.


Didier Orméjuste ?@DidierRDS 1h1 hour ago
The #Eskimos first round pick, OL Danny Groulx is not at the team's rookie camp due to a contract dispute. #CFL

I think they have the same agent... Johnny Hattaway :roll:

While I hope they come to reasonable terms, I have no problem with a player using every bargaining tool at his disposal (and that would be the same if the team is the Cats). While I don't have a better idea as to how to do this, the draft and negotiation list system treats players like property. That seems more OK when players are getting big salaries but when it is CFL rookie money, I can see the players' side.

I've been on the players side more often than not but CIS rookies haven't proven anything.
Shomari Williams was a first pick overall...Someone remember a receiver by the name of Bauman ?
This is a CAP league where the minimum wage last year was raised and contracts shortened,
Bonus money to these rookies will come right out of the pocket of proven vets.

HfxTC, I agree with you about the way this works with the cap. But at least the vets have had an opportunity to be free agents and sign where they want. Drafted players don't have that choice.

Vets have earned that right through years of proving themselves. These CIS rookies haven't proved a damn thing in the pros.

Agents have done that in every league. It gives them a nice percentage up front (to themselves) regardless of if the athlete is successful long term an it raises the entry level salary package, this raises the floor for every subsequent contract negotiation down the road. Not surprising that the General Managers who started this are the two rookies Desjardins and Walters.

EDM did not hold a rookie training camp, same as the TiCats (classroom instruction)

Justin Dunk ?@JDunk12 10m10 minutes ago
#Eskimos 1st round pick OL Danny Groulx (@DannyGee01) has put pen to paper, he receives a $20,000 signing bonus on a 3-yr deal. #Esks #CFL

CFL News ?@CFL_News 50s50 seconds ago
#CalStampeders add 5 more players to the roster, including 1st round pick @LavoieKarl

The Calgary Stampeders have signed three members of their 2015 draft class — offensive lineman Karl Lavoie, receiver Lemar Durant and offensive lineman Aaron Picton — as well as international offensive lineman Garry Williams and international defensive back Ciante Evans. As per team policy, terms of the agreements were not disclosed.

And how is this different from any other professional sports league....


From Herb Zurkowsky of Montreal Gazette

Alouettes, first-round pick Chris Ackie hit contract impasse

[b]With one day left in the Alouettes’ rookie camp, one player was conspicuous by his absence — Wilfrid Laurier defensive-back Chris Ackie, who was selected by Montreal in the first round (fourth overall) of the draft this month.

This isn’t the National Football League, where high draft choices earn exorbitant amounts of money. Ackie is not holding out and this has not become a controversy, at least not yet. Eventually, the matter should be resolved. But he’s the only Montreal draft choice that hasn’t been signed and, other than Calgary offensive-lineman Sean McEwen, who went third overall to Toronto and is returning to school, all the remaining first-round picks from this year’s draft have signed with their teams.

“We’ve pretty much gone as far as we can from our end. Either he shows up or whatever they want to do. We can’t do any more,? general manager Jim Popp told the Montreal Gazette on Wednesday, when rookies and quarterbacks hit the field for the first time at Bishop’s University. “It always is money. They want more than what we can do. We’ve gone back and forth. We’ve done what we can.

“We’re trying to be fair.?

While there remains a minimum salary for rookies — $51,000 this season — the wage scale for freshmen changed dramatically after a new collective agreement was reached prior to the start of training camp in 2014.

Each Canadian Football League team’s salary cap went from $4.4 million to $5 million last season, and it has increased by $50,000 this year. While each team had additional money at its disposal, many deliberately came under the cap a year ago. That available cash, in many instances, was made up between the end of the season and Jan. 1, when numerous players had their contracts extended. But that money counted against the 2014 cap.

Now the cap has further marginally increased.

“Everyone’s salary has gone up. The guys really making the most money coming out of the draft are the offensive linemen,? said Montreal agent Darren Gill. “I don’t want to call them crazy. These deals are in line with the new salary cap.?

Gill represents Ottawa centre Alex Mateas and Winnipeg offensive-lineman Sukh Chungh, the top two draft choices, respectively, along with McEwen. Gill was able to get the deals for Mateas and Chungh done quickly. Both will earn base salaries of about $80,000, but with playing time, could see their pay hit $100,000.

“People are asking when does the spending stop? I think relatively soon,? Gill said. “Some of these rookie deals look like balloon deals, because everyone’s saying we can’t sustain these rookie deals.?

Defensive-lineman Ese Mrabure-Ajufo, who went fifth overall to British Columbia — one spot after Ackie — will earn $89,000 this season. That included an $18,000 signing bonus. But guard Danny Groulx, the seventh overall pick whose signing was announced Thursday by Edmonton, will be paid a base of $75,000 along with a $20,000 signing bonus. It’s believed that bonus is one of the top three in CFL history paid to a rookie.

It’s also believed offensive-tackle Karl Lavoie, whose signing was announced Thursday by Calgary, will earn more than Saskatchewan receiver Nic Demski — although Lavoie went ninth overall, three sports behind Demski. But Lavoie, who played at Université Laval, like Groulx, is an offensive lineman. Thus the disparity.

Which brings us back to Ackie, one of only three non-offensive lineman taken in the opening round. In other words, his position works against him because the Als are deep at safety and linebacker, where he could potentially play.

His agent, Johnathon Hardaway of Washington, D.C., refused comment when contacted by the Montreal Gazette. While Hardaway realizes he’s probably not in a favourable bargaining position, he most certainly would be within his right to demand a deal comparable, if not slightly better, to the one the Lions gave Mrabure-Ajufo.

Ackie isn’t the first rookie Hardaway client to be at loggerheads with his team. Hamilton linebacker Frédéric Plesius held out before signing. Combine that with the fact the Als are considered a hard team to deal with where rookies are concerned. The team’s philosophy, according to many, is drafted players should make nominal salaries on their first contracts.

Thus, the impasse.

“Going into this new era, all of a sudden rookies are getting paid crazy … money they’ve never been paid before. It’s up and down the board,? Popp said. “Everybody has to manage their own salary cap, how they’re going to fit someone into their team. The agents want everything. We’re trying to manage the entire team. There has to be an understanding to that.

“It was made very clear to (Ackie): Make sure you don’t make it late for rookie camp. He’s not here.?

The player, of course, is the one caught in the middle. And he’s not helping his cause the longer the negotiations last.

“I don’t really know the numbers. That’s why I hired an agent. I’m hopeful and optimistic a deal — a fair deal — will be reached soon. I obviously want to be at camp. It hurts waiting around at home. I continue to train and I’m already packed,? Ackie told the Montreal Gazette from his Cambridge, Ont., home.

“Not being there will hurt me a bit. But I know myself, my work ethic. Once I’m there, I’ll be heavy into my playbook, heavy into film to better myself. I’m not too worried about that. I want to get there as soon as I can.?[/b]

[url=] ... ct-impasse[/url]'s OK to mention Shomari Williams...but Bauman is a low blow.

Seriously, it's all a crap shoot. When you draft a rookie...when you develop them..even when you play or trade for them. Some work out and then some don't.

Imports or vets are not that much different. How many free agents have come and gone on this team (Hamilton). You sign a player and hope for the best, no matter how much experience they may have or homework you may have done.

That's just the way it is in professional sports.

Is He Related the Chris Williams ?

Chris Ackie and the Als have agreed to a three-year deal.


Looks like it worked!

Herb Zurkowsky ?@HerbZurkowsky1 2m2 minutes ago
I'm being told by numerous #CFL sources the signing bonus alone DB Chris Ackie received from the #Als is $21,000.

Everything is possible but why would he get more than the #1 pick ???
Makes no sense. What does Bob Young say about unnamed sources