Just a quick post about Saturday's game .... Montreal has been unbeatable this far, but expect that to change Saturday.

  1. Kelly finally has an answer on offense and Bishop will have a great game, Reid and Bernard will tear it up once again

REASON - Wpg has a better running game and considering the forcast (40 mm of rain) the run offense will be the difference maker. Calvillo will not have the time in this weather to find his reciever's as he has done all year, tight coverage and a strong running game should be enough for the Peg to pull out the "upset" WIN. Reid, Bernard and Bishop all have the ability to take the ball upfield, expect alot of playaction from the Blue & Gold.

Bombers Win - 27-20

...hope yer right bluengold.....if the Bombers don't get A.C. off his game early......could be a long night...On the other hand if we can string enough plays together...we could put in an acceptable preformance....These two and outs for an extended period ain't gonna do it....Maybe this is the game we put it ALL together..goBigBlue :thup: :rockin:

The bombers have a better run offense, but not by much. Avon Cobourne can be a force as well and Montreal is amazing at stopping the run. The edge lies with Montreal still, unfortunately for you. Things don't look good for the Bombers on Saturday and will very likely be handed their 5th loss of 2009.

Winnipeg's strength is rushing, but Montreal is great against the run.

Unless Bryant and Bowman show up, this will be ugly.

True MTL is excellent against the run, but they have yet to meet an opponent with 2 major rushing factors (Reid and Bernard) and also contain a mobile QB such as Bishop. If Montreal is too busy worrying about Reid and Bernard, Bishop will have more time and can take off himself, like i said expect alot of playaction from the BB'S and they will pound the ball on the ground more in the wet weather. Can MTL stop Reid and Bernard and contain Bishop all game? Maybe, but unlikely. You have a point on in two, our reciever's need to wake up and get open and catch the ball, not just Bryant and Bowman, but ALL reciever's, i don't think any reciever is safe on this roster right now. Bryant needs to step it up now or he will be stepping out, Bowman has had flashes, but is on thin ice as well, Edwards hurt again and Franklin Still Hurt, once Franklin comes back Ralph will be gonzo or riding the bench.

I will also mention that horrible call against the Stamps by the refs when Bishop was knocked out, it was as clear as day that a BB had recovered the ball, i am not making an excuse here, but there is a trend of horrible officiating every week during all teams games. T.O and B.C coaches have publically expressed there displeasure today, Cgy did the same 2 weeks ago and even Sask has said in public the refs have been terrible this year and by watching as many games on T.V as possible, i agree that this is probably the worst officiating i have seen in many years.

Soooo Micheal Bishop will have a great game in this rainy weather throwing to Terrance Edwards and Brock Ralph , But Anthony Calvillo will struggle and not have enough time to find Jamel Richardson and Ben Cahoon and Kerry Watkins and S.J Green and Brian Bratton?

sorry, but it doesn't seem to make sense to me.

i think the Bombers might be able to put up a fight, but don't get your hopes up too much bud.

Yes, should be a good night for the Bombers(fingers crossed) No way Bombers are going to run every week like they did last week, it just aint going to happen like that every week! Nothing wrong with having the passing game open up the run, it does not always have to be the run opening up the passing game.

I think Montreal gets their ass handed to them...say Bombers 37 Als 17

Bold prediciton considering the Bombers are 2-4 and for a very good reason. If it was any other team, they would have a chance. Montreal, slim-none. Only Edmonton's toppled the goliath's, and that just awakened the beast's inside the Al's. Winnipeg probably won't best them this time around, but still, good luck.

Look, any team can beat any team in this league, so I am not writing the Bombers off or taking them lightly. Great D, an improved offense under Bishop, and a dangerous running back in Reid.


I'm giving my Als an edge in this one, mainly due to the fact that we have balance on both sides of the ball and an experienced QB who is comfortable in our system. Bishop is a tremendous athlete but is still only two games into learning Kelly's schemes, and while his arm strength alone will probably open up the underneath routes for your receivers, he's also prone to arm-punting at the worst possible time. Put simply, he's inconsistent, which to me means that you'll have to rely on Reid a lot ... against the top run defense in the league.

Great football weather tonight, if your a duck.

Maybe 23 - 24,000 tops, based on current ticket sales, I don’t anticipate a walk up crowd with the weather either.

Kelly has been harping on having that run game for just these kind of conditions, I hope he was right.

Also, you guys are missing Shabazz (your best LB, arguably your best defensive player), Bates (O-line mainstay), and Johnson (DB), while Khan is (I believe) still on the limp. That's a lot of key personnel out of the lineup.

I think he was alluding to the fact that Bishop should have some success running the ball, not that he would out sling AC

I think anyone in their right mind has to give the Als the edge today, as so far they have shown that they are the class of the league. But my hat is off to you for coming onto our forum, and giving credit where it is due, and not trying to rile people up!

kahn is in for tonight... and its james johnson thats out, james was only returning kicks, it was javon starting in our secondary so thats no big deal... so the only real loss i say for tonight is shabazz considering bates was getting beat left right and center anyways...

obviously montreal is the stronger team at this point in the season. great all around team.. the class of the league. but i havent made any bold predictions since i joined this site so this will be my first! BOMBERS WIN BY 3.. somethin like 20-17 ish....

Why? Why not! if the bombers find a way to run against that tough als D the offense will do alright. and we already know our defense can play... i think the weather will level they playing field and the revamped alexis serna will kick the winning field goal!!!

cheers to a great game. good luck to both teams! :rockin:

There is a reason why teams haven't been able to run on the Als.... Their front seven is just too fast. Edmonton didn't beat the Als running the ball. They beat them by being almost perfect deeper than 20 yards.

Who is the fastest Alouette? Bratton tells me it is NOT Larry Taylor or Andrew Hawkins, the kick-return speedsters. He figures in a straight-ahead dash it would be Chip Cox or Mark Estelle from the defense.
But at home any team can win against any opponent in this league. I just don't see it but an upset is always possible. Reid believes it. I guess he can prove it tonight.

Sorry, just my feeling that the Bomber's will be more hungry for this win. Als are too comfortable and think they have it wrapped up already (judging by Estells comments on CJOB-stating the Als will walk all over us) that was a good laugh. Too much cockiness on the Als side and a hungry Bomber team = a Bomber upset, plain and simple, expect Calvillo to be running for his life with Perry and Smith chasing him down, also expect tight coverage on the Als reciever's and Calvillo's worst game of the year (i predict 2 picks and alot of dropped balls). Cobourn can be a threat in the backfield, but is the only threat running the ball, BB'S know this, the Als have to watch for Reid, Bernard and Bishop and the Playaction which will leave our reciever's more open as the Als will be too worried about our running game, i still predict a WPG Upset, but will be a great game in the 30 MM of rain .. LOL ..

If the Bomber's reciever's don't pick up the pace tonight expect some bags to be packed by mid week (Bowman, Ralph, Bryant) as Kelly has already mentioned 2 or 3 NFL cuts that could be here A.S.A.P, look at T.O (as pathetic as they are) they found a Gem, and Kelly swears he has one or two up his sleeve, bring em in if the reciever's don't answer the call. Once Franklin returns Ralph will be gone as he has been horrible all year, one last chance for Ralphy tonight, i feel Bowman is in the same predicament. Don't expect either around too much longer. What ever happened to giving Hargreaves a fair chance? I like this kid, he is big (tall) and has solid hands.

hargreaves is still learning the pro game. he is very young and as you have mentioned yes is talented... he will not be going anywhere. the bombers will hang onto him. sooner or later he will get his chance to shine.. lets hope he takes advantage of it.

as far as the rest of the recievers Terrence Edwards is the only one with job security, romby and adarius are going to have to start making plays or kellys whip will come down on them like it has others already.. and were gonna need these guys to step up because the als know running is our strength and they will want to shut that down. if our passing game doesnt produce it could be a long night

I do like the BB retro uniforms. :thup:

Where did the Bomber fans go ? :expressionless:

There is also a game thread in the main forum, but not much action there either.