So... the underdog beat Ottawa last night. I doubt there will be two upsets in the same week, so Montreal should win it tonight. What are your expectations? I say Glenn will turn the ball over at least three times. And if Ryan punts it as far as he usually do, Ezra Landry should feast big!

Actually I predicted Montreal to win at but I'm gonna see if I can change it. I think Winnepeg will win. Winnepeg's D is so good and special teams are great too with Ryan punting. Look for Winnepeg to show their fans that they can win.

As I have already posted, Bombers by 6.. Play the spread, It's easy money.
They are already lowering the odd's of a Bomber loss. What's wrong Vegas, Edm cost you alot of cash last week?

Spread is 6? Loto-Quebec gives Winnipeg +12,5.

I'm going to that game tonight. I can't wait for it. I'm picking Montreal but boy would I love for Winnipeg to win. I picked Ottawa yesterday to win, eek.. Oh well. Go Bombers! Go!

Hey Third…Did Calvillo make the trip or is Ted White going to lead you onto victory?

Calvillo will be at the helm.

But I read this week that he stayed up over 48 hours in a row (from Sunday to Tuesday) while waiting for the baby. I don't know if he had enough time to rest or if he'll be too tired to perform. Still, I'd prefer an underperforming Calvillo than a Ted White playing at his full potential.

Oh no! Ted White! I hoped i never had to see him play ever again. Lucky for the bombers if AC is too tired, but i doubt it he is a competitor and will lead the als to victory.

WTF is going on? The way things go, all the Bombers have to do to fool Montreal is run with the ball... The Als are better find a way to stop that or else the night will be long!

Hmmmm Regimbald....according to stamp fans wasnt even worthy off diebert...lmao.....were baaaaack

lol... I'm stunned...

That Westwood kick on Gauthier was a beauty, I must admit...

Depressing! The Als get the ball back with 1:13 left to the quarter and they fkng ran the clock out. How about TRYING something worth at least a field goal?

I'm disappointed.

I'm surprised the ref didn't throw the flag on that chop tackle on Landry which caused him to fumble the ball on the Bombers' first TD


There is no such thing as a chop tackle, in my 13 years of playing middle linebacker ive never heard or seen of it anyway, i think you mean a chop block. a tackler can tackle anyway he wishes as long as its not to the head or a drop kick.. you get my point.

MTL just wanted to get into the room and make their adjustments...WPG has played well, but it seems like the refs are letting them do an awful lot of holding...The story of the half are the two special teams turnovers and the pass interference on Whitley, 14 points right there....I expect better from the ALS in the second half, as their coaches generally are the best at halftime adjustments when things aren't going well.

lets go bombers!

anyone else notice the camera fade/skipping, god its bugging me! And, Glenn catches shotgun snaps with one hand! he better watch it!

WTG Bombers. Looks good on ya. Y'all better finish ahead of Calgary. This Rider fan would take C.Roberts anyday. Nice to see they are finally using Stokes like they should.

Go Riders!

ooooo...Cahoon just got... JACKED UP!!! by Wes Lysack. What a vicious hit.


Cahoon is seeing stars....BOOM!

It looks better and better everytime you see the replay.