Mtl/Wpg - Rod Davis' helmet-to-helmet hit on Brink?!?

I was going to post this in the Bomber forum, but it appears they don't see the point of online discussion after tonite's performance. Who can blame them?

That was a wicked spear by Rod Davis on QB Alex Brink in the 4th quarter, but Alex did shake it off and throw 2 TDs.

I'm not upset. When you know the Board of Directors are braindead, your front office executives are idiots and your Head Coach and OC are clueless, fielding an inexperienced team can only lead to disaster and defeat. Nothing can happen during the bye that can turn chicken poop into chicken soup, so while some cosmetic changes may take place, they'll continue to suck all season. Why did the GM dismantle our scary defense of 2011?

Just call them the Suicide Bombers :oops:
I can't wait till the NFL season starts.

I remember asking that question this spring, and the universal refrain from Winnipeg fan was something along the lines of "Joe Mack is the man and he'll find lots of replacements that are even better than what we let go".

Better question might be, why did the GM bring back the Three Stooges instead of going out to get one competent QB?

They can handout anything they want as long as they handout the same thing to Bowman for the headshot to Bowling :thup:

You are not upset?

" Can’t wait until the NFL season starts "

So let me get this straight. You only watch WINNIPEG games and if your team does badly you give up on the rest of the CFL games? Or were you just joking? :?

It is the 100th Anniversary of the CFL season. Can’t you find any joy in that?

REAL CFL fans watch as many games as they can regardless of who is playing , in just my opinion. :wink:

Anybody else notice that the reffing in this league is horribly bad and only getting worse? I wonder if Mike Morrealle? Spelling of the name i am not sure, or Brown are going to come out and claim that cheap headshot by Davis was clean and a football play, or that cheap shot player emery that just got fined then pulls another cheap shot by horse collering that player out of bounds? My Question is, will the CFL ever get real about the game and get some real refs that can see and know the game? Ref by the rules and call penaties when they see them and not make up calls along the way? That Montreal/Winnipeg game is a perfect example of what i am talking about. And when will the players union protect the players? The lame excuses the players union emailed me were very funny in their reasoning. They just do not care about the injuries. Right Mike and Doug?

Bomber fan?

Khalif Mitchell got 2 games for trying to break another mans arm. This was a football hit, a little high I agree but what else do you want? He's going to get fined and that's it. We can whine, cry and complain all we want. All I know is im missing a very good Canadian DT J.P Bekasiak from a dirty hit for 4-6 weeks and nothing was done about it!!!

This all the Refs are lousy whine never ends, does it. :roll:

Football play all the way. Yes it was a penalty, refs missed it though. :roll:

Yup, clearly it happened too fast for the refs to see it properly, or they were shielded from a direct view of the helmet-to-helmet contact. Apparently what they did see didn't warrant a flag.

What is going on with the refereeing in this league? Reddick [BC Lions] flattens Calgary's QB last week long long long after the QB got rid of the ball. I'm saying that Burris [Calgary's QB] threw the ball and was standing there for what seemed an eternity, then out of no where Reddick nails him. NO CALL by the refs!

Fast forward to the Montreal/Winnipeg game on Aug 03. Winnipeg's QB Brink gets crushed with a helmet to helmet shot that by rights should have decapitated Brink. NO CALL! Are these refs blind or are they getting paid under the table to let certain things go. One ref is given the specific job to protect the QBs during the game to prevent this sort of thing from happening. He is not watching for anything else. The hit on Brink was not even debatable or marginal. The Montreal player went at him full speed and knew exactly what he was trying to do.

The play will be up for review just like the Reddick hit last week has been reviewed and has resulted in disciplinary action. By rights the Montreal guy who hit Brink should have been ejected and should receive several games suspension. Not just two. This was totally uncalled for and the intent was obvious no matter which camera angle you looked from. It's one thing to make a clean hard hit on the QB and if the QB doesn't get up then so be it. It's something else when a guy is trying to destroy the QB by making the hit "appear" legit.

The refs responsible for missing these calls should be hauled on the carpet as well as the players committing the infraction. I would like to see some of these refs disciplined for their ineptitude. Football fans enjoy seeing a good solid hit and the players themselves respect that sort of thing but it was insane that this shot on Brink was not called. I'd love to know how the refs will rationalize this one away.


I should have said the Reddick hit on GLENN [Calgary's QB]. My mistake in my earlier post.

The CFL refs often have it right after the play has been challenged and reviewed BUT in the case of the Lions' Reddick nailing Glenn [Lions/Stampeders] last week and Brink receiving the helmet to helmet shot by the Montreal player there is zero excuse for the refs not calling these.
This isn't about being a Winnipeg fan or about fans whining about the refereeing. The hit on Brink could have decapitated the young guy. No QB should have to take that sort of a hit without it resulting in a game ejection. I'm surprised Brink even got up. A ref would have to literally be blind not to see what every camera angle showed. Why was it not called? What was the ref responsible for protecting the QBs doing? What was he looking at? Isn't one particular official given the specific task of watching how and when the QB gets taken down? Even if he misses it one of the other refs could have called it. That hit on Brink was insane.

I completely agree, it's one thing to let a PI call or holding slip, but this kind of miscue can be crippling.

We lost Bekasiak for 4-6 on a dirty hit from an Argo player that wasn't called. The player hasn't even been disciplined. Bowman delivered a dirty hit to Bowling. No call. The Davis hit on Brink should have been a penalty, no question, but it's hardly unique.

Agree, not unique.

Likely but thats the only way those powerhouse Bombers can lose :roll:

give it a rest, quit blaming the officials for YOUR problems..

Come on man, the hit WAS brutal. I like to think I'm good mannered here, don't ruffle too many feathers and not a complete homer. If that happened to any QB on any other team, I'd say the same.

But, refs are human, if they miss a call, it's gone. There is no recourse 'after the fact' so c'est la vie, glad Brink got back up.

Your right it was a brutal hit and should have been called. I could not resist a little jab at the Bombers. No harm meant