MTL vs WPG 4th Qtr ref blunder

What a horridly pathetic call by the refs on the blatent fumble by montreal. He had total control over the football and had taken 2 steps, gets rocked and its INCOMPLETE???. :roll:

Not a bombers fan at all, but that is a disgrace to this game.

Hey, it evens out. Jyles should have been called for intentional grounding which would have put the Bombers in 2nd and 20+. Instead, it was second and 10, they converted a 10-yard play, and then Carr scored his second TD. That's justice. :cowboy:

Kinda agree on this one although I don't believe in an eye for an eye when it comes to reffing.I've called it since week 2, CFL refs SUCK. :lol:

What stands out is the fumble play was reviewed and they still got it wrong. On the Jyles play I think they ruled that his arm was knocked or grabbed while he was trying to throw. It would be nice if they explained that, though!

the refs should be held accountable that was the worst reffed quarter ive seen in a long time..... :thdn:

Been that way for most of the season - in the Banjo bowl the Bombers where gifted a TD just before the 1/2 so I guess you could look at it as you have won with calls and lost with calls ...... just like every team this year.

It is the one thing that unites us all - universal concern over consistency of the calls this year.

guess what nythril, the bombers still would have won by 30 points, this changed the outcome of the game and should be reviewed

I have to agree, the Riders would not have won the Banjo Bowl no matter what.

This week, Murray Clark and company were game-changers. I don’t know what’s gotten into the officials’ heads this year. There are just brain farts all over the place.

guess what nythril, the bombers still would have won by 30 points, this changed the outcome of the game and should be reviewed
How do you know that? That was a moral killer giving up that TD ( not that I for a second think they would have won - but the point being is any call that was wrong that leads to a score can be game changing ) - I agree with you on something needs to be done though as the officiating is on average very inconsistent this year. In particular Pass Interference and After the call thought process.

nythril your whole team scored a grand total of 2 points that game.

I was agreeing with you and simply showing that calls have been incosistant all year and that it can lead to game changes - I even said that I never for a second thought they could win it.

nice comeback im definately a troll.... just cause i don't agree with you :roll:

I don't care if you don't agree with me - that's fine. you called me a joke - just because I have a different opinion. We all agree or at least those that post here regularly that calls in that call in regards to PI where inconstant. Some of us think calls that are really bad that lead to scores can impact the game no matter when they occur. I never said they could win - in fact I have clearly said repeatedly I never for a second thought the could. What I did say was calls that impact the game on the score sheet - weather it is during or at the end - weather it is the final score or mid way through - can have an impact on the game and need to be consistent. No please by all means tell me what was wrong with that? What is so incorrect that you felt the need to tell me I was a Joke?

nythril what you dont understand is that this bad call directly changed the outcome of the game, while the call in the banjobowl, really just might have made the game look a little closer.

Take a pause Nick - I never talked about tonights call - If you want my opinion on STRICTLY that you have my 100% agreement it was a game changer and a terrible call that determined the outcome.

What I was doing was agreeing that it has been an issue all season long effecting every team at some point - I was agreeing with on the big picture!!! cough I was supporting you lol My first post that you won with calls and lost with calls is just that - you win some you loose some - and every team has lost calls they should have won...

k whatever...

im going to bed, im so mad i can't even see straight . we always get screwed... :x :thdn:

I hear ya and retract my comments to ya :cowboy:

On the positive side it is doubtful that BC will win this week so the 2 games against BC you have should be barn burners for the play off spot

every week, someone says this about at least one of the games. That would mean the refs are obviously getting worse every week, which is totally ridiculous.

I have found many pages where NFL fans, NBA fans, NHL fans, as well as fans of various soccer leagues all over the world, all saying the same thing. Even found some same comments about boxing and MMA. Surprisingly, to me, the hardest to find were posts or websites complaining about how bad in general MLB umps are.

Doesnt anybody get it. They cant all be the worst, and if collectively they ARE all the worst, then collectively, they are also the BEST.

Everyone thinks they are an expert on the rules and how they should be called. Everyone sees what they want to in each situation. Its all a matter of judgement and only rarely, such as in the BC game, is it totally obvious for sure.

AS for the supposed fumble that was ruled an incompletion, can anybody find the complete definition of what it takes to be a completed pass. I looked thru all of the last 3 yrs official cfl rules and found no clear explaination. I heard some time ago that a player had to take 2 full steps while having full control of the ball. The reciever in tonights case did not. Only 1 1/2. Yet, I could neither prove nor disprove this according to the "official" cfl rules. Typical of the CFL to be so shoddy, incomplete and unclear in their rules.

In the end, such plays as this comes down to people interpretations of calls that mostly could go either way. Just because you think it should be obvious, doesnt make it so. Just because you think the ref sucks, doesnt make it so.

The ref's need to apologize for 2 calls ,the PI call in the 3rd q. The MTL reciever was not touched, but turned and flopped to the ground ! The official who was 5 yards away, didn't make the call. The other official who was 40 yards away makes the call ! That makes the CFL look bush and is embarrassing for the league ! The 2nd one was the catch and fumble, if you watch football, you know that was a fumble and a missed call ! If you think otherwise, you better ask someone that knows the game !

Wow, I'm probably the biggest Bomber homer and even I can't believe some of the excuses flying around here.

Here's what the Bomber offence did in the 4th quarter:

Turn over on downs

lol, yup, gonna win a lot games finishing like that.