MTL vs. TOR = 31 to 7...

The Als are 7-0...

One way game, pretty easy. The only points Toronto got were from a Nealon Greene interception. Man, that guy can't even finish a game that's handed to him... :lol:

Three teams left to beat for Montreal : Calgary, Saskatchewan and BC.

The only real threat is BC. :wink:

The thing to say is not: "Montreal hasn't played a real team yet"

It is rather: "Three teams have yet to play Montreal." :cowboy:

Mand that Greene is usless!

He blew the shoutout for Montreal!

Bombers in September baby! Can't wait for the back to back rematch. Hopefully no B.S. reffing like the last game either!

Is the complaining about the reffing in a game that finished 44-16 ever going to end?

Argos were brutal. I am not sure which of the two stinkers was worse, last or this week?

That's your best post ever. Beaten four times in six weeks and its the ref's fault :thdn:

Als win streak to start the seasons

Year Opening Streak Final Record Standing
1996 0-3 12-6 2nd/Lost East Championship
1997 3-0 13-5 2nd/Lost East Championship
1998 3-0 12-5-1 2nd/Lost East Championship
1999 3-0 12-6 1st/Lost East Championship
2000 5-0 12-6 1st/Lost Grey Cup
2001 4-0 9-9 3rd/Lost East Semifinal
2002 8-0 13-5 1st/Won Grey Cup
2003 3-0 13-5 1st/Lost Grey Cup
2004 6-0 14-4 1st/Lost East Championship
2005 1-0 10-8 2nd/Lost Grey Cup
2006 7-0 and counting

Clearly the Best!
The Als have started 7-0 two other times in team history, and won the Grey Cup both times in 1977 and 2001.

Well its all over now!!!!!
Als molson just jinxed us!!!!!! :x

Can you say Whinepeg Blue Blabbers? I don't know, but I just did... :wink:

Who's in the house? Als in the house! :rockin:

You can't take the truth!!!!

The past is the truth!
The future is another matter! :wink:

Yeah! Pipe down roro1313! We don't need a negatrino in this bandwagon. :cowboy:

That jinx was lifted tonight. This quote is from the "Ho Hum - Another Als win streak to start the season!" thread:

So, if there was to be a jinx, the Als would've lost tonight...

See, no need to pannic, pannickaroro. :wink:

But if things dont turn out favorable in November.......Im comming after you 2 :wink:

yeah, the stuff from that game is very old, and now looking back on it, most of the calls were the right ones.

Yeah yeah, whatever. :roll:

I'm not going to feel responsible if Montreal doesn't win the GC, I win when I play, just like that VGCC Championship last year.

Anyhow, back to tonight's game...
Montreal offence : 489 yards
Toronto offence : 138 yards

That is called "domination" :cowboy:

And 81 of that was caused by Nealon!


The offence was “better” today. Redzone % still not that great, they could of easily had over 40 points today.

Watkins played very well today. Stala rebounded also. Anderson is not much of a deep threat to me. As long as he doesn’t have to run for the ball, it’s almost a sure catch.

The Running game was awesome. Edwards rocked :rockin: Diedrick was very impressive, his shortest carry was 9 yards :o

Defence, unbeatable. Montreal played one of their best games indeed. But, Toronto was very very hurt tonight. No Allen, no RB, etc.

Please, ro1313 and He_Hate_Me, an interception return doesn't count as offensive yardage.

I'm affraid your football expertise just went down the drain.

That is good news for me, because what ro1313 thinks is a bad idea has to be good. Such as my "CFL goes metric" idea, and that Alouettes future success... :wink:

SNAP! :cowboy:

The worse part is Pinner wore out his brand new sneaks pacing. Poh little guy!