Go Als Go......2010 GC champs in a blowout.

Errr.. we'll start with 2009, we'll see next year for 2010. But still, thanks man. :rockin:

do a google search the offloading of tickets has already started, it happens every year when the home team gets beat :roll: now i have to get back to my drink in hand then tomorrow i jump on my combine and make my long journey south to Winnipeg to attend a Grey cup party next sunday :slight_smile:

You head south for the game in Winnipeg. We will be watching the game in Calgary

Don't forget to cash your welfare cheque before you go Riderfan23 they must have a sale on thundersticks in Winnipeg :roll: :roll:

No thundersticks in Winnipeg, just paper bags but they are sold out from the last Bomber game, i Have to use plastic to carry my turnips now :slight_smile:

I know. I've got a fake block of 8 and there is like 50 voicemail messages left on my vonage account from area code 306, me and my buddy have been listing to the begging for the last hour LOL!

Guys, don't feed the troll. Let the mods take care of him.



Ok, guys, now that we've basked in the oh-so-sweet annihilation of the hated Lions and gotten the "we can't beat B.C." monkey off our back, what can we do better next week against Sask?

Two words: special teams. Taylor was brutal today. Two fumbles, one recovered, and couldn't make anything happen all game long. Then there was the Grice-Mullen TD and Duval's missed FG. Yes, we did have the Richardson block, but we have got to lock the teams down against the Riders, who'll be a much sterner test than an 8-10 team with secondary issues playing their fourth-string quarterback operating with only 5 games under his belt.

Defensively, we need to tighten the hell up on second and long. I saw too much of last season's soft-zone vanilla surprise which let B.C. pick up first downs with relative ease on second and 10 or longer. The Riders have a great cadre of Canadian receivers who are adept at finding the soft spot in the zone, settling in, and making the catch.

Apart from those two issues, I really can't see much else to fix. The offense functioned like an assassin today: quick strike, lethal, and you never saw it coming. :rockin: The D-line controlled the play for the most part. The hogs kept Calvillo clean. Our linebackers dominated in the trenches. And Brian Bratton showed me why Marc Trestman is the coach and I'm just a couch potato who follows the game on TV. :slight_smile: I have not been a big Bratton supporter, but his second TD catch? Wow. He showed a new level there, making a spectacular play to compensate for an underthrown ball. He turned a potential pick into 6 points for us.

Als will have to work their zone defense this week. Durant is brutal at reading zone defenses (providing the Als are efficient at disguising them). Bad idea to use man on the Riders.

As far as Special teams there was one fumble, the other was a because of contact on a no yard infraction. Cover teams need some work and they have to account for Armstead who likes to throw a pass now and then.

Then there is Cates who has to be kept in check when he releases. For the most part the Als do that well.

The offense turned it up a notch when Hawkins joined the offense. Hopefully his ankle will be ok.

I think the Als played an incredible game today and if they play that way next week. They will be Champs.

According to Herb, Hawkins has a fractured ankle and is obviously done for the season.

Which sucks. Big time. I really enjoy watching Hawk play.

It's the Grey Cup centennial! But it looks like no one knows -- including, it seems, the CFL and event organizers in Calgary. Has anybody seen a word about it?

Everybody's become hung up on the number of games (like the Super Bowl), focusing so much on "The 97th Grey Cup Game" that they seem to have forgotten the first game was played in 1909 (there were no games from 1916-19, due to World War I).

Considering the game is in Calgary, whose fans can rightly take credit for turning the event into a national party, I expected they'd take the 100th-anniversary theme and turn it into a major blowout. Could you imagine the NFL soft-selling the Super Bowl centennial?

Congrats Montreal, and good luck in the Grey Cup.
Just one game to go, keep the focus, and disect the Riders the way you did the Lions. :rockin: :cowboy:

I never have posted on another team's site until now.

I'm a Rider fan but clearly concede that the Als are the class of the league. Having said that, I think the Riders will relish the underdog role. Anyone know the early line on the game? I'm guessing Montreal by 9 for odds makers for now.

Anyway, to maintain the superstitions and bad karma, did you all notice that the Als were quick to embrace and touch the Eastern winner trophy where the Riders only had two guys touch it and then it got placed back down? I think both teams have their superstitions but this one was obvious.

It should be a great game as heavily favoured the Als will be but the Als have made 6 previous cups this decade with strong teams and won how many? Oh yeah, one.

Y'er welcome.

I know have been tough on you in the past but I must say that I really like the your level headed analysis here. That being said, I agree with everything you have said. It's going to be a tough game but in the end, I believe the Als will prevail. Montreal by 3.

Better than one trip every 20 years LOL!

Last year the Als acted like a hockey team in which no one touched the trophy. It was just left on the stand. On the other hand, Burris and friends not only hoisted it, they made a victory lap with it.

We know who hoisted Lord Grey's Cup in the end...

Patcarm,Montreal has 1 cup in the last seven years and Sask has 3 cups in a HUNDRED years keep up the good work. Go Als

There could be 200 000 Screaming Rider fans with air horns Drums sirens And Celine Dion sining at the top of her lungs in A.C's Ear! That will Hardly affect MTL. Overall The west is about even Steven in skill... MTL is leaps and BOUNDS above EVERY CFL team! PERIOD! IMO MTL is going to have NO issue beating Sak! But, bigger things have happened in the past!