So what do you guys think about the Grey Cup next week?

On paper, I would say that it is Montreal's game to lose. Riders were blown out on the first meet and Als did not lose their lead along the second meet. However, there are a couple of points:

Fantuz was injured on the second meet.
Pretty much McMahon will be a sea of green rather than bleu, blanc et rouge. I know, it is Habs' nickname, but they are the colors of Als jersey too.

On the other hand, looking at West Final, I can say that Durant is no Calvillo. If Als defense made their blitzes as good as they did today, Riders' offense will not be much of a trouble.

What say you?

Go Als, go!

After today's blowout against a Lions team with nothing to lose, the Als have proven their mettle. You not only need talent to win but desire and it looks like this year's Als have got both, in spades. Sorry Sask. but it's going to be the Als hoisting the cup. Go Als Go!

all the pressure is on Calvillo and the Als they have been there many times and can't finish, this will not be a blow out like most are saying, Riders are playing with no pressure and are the underdog, does not get any better then that, I pick the Riders to win by 3 points, it will be 13th man advantage for the Riders once again, it will be all Rider fans in Calgary it will be another sea of Green another pressure the Als will have to deal with, can't wait, if Riders don't win I'm just happy they made it to the big game!

I go to Montreal every summer to watch the Ti Cats play I love going to games there, it's great so I hope Montreal kicks there ass :thup: :thup:

Doesn't matter who is in the Grey cup, there is always a see of green in the host stadium...

Riderfan23 the Lions said the same thing all the pressure was on Montreal and we all know what happened there Go ALS GO

I never understood the we have nothing to lose mentality. You can try convincing yourself that, but in the end, you have everything to lose. Its the Grey cup.

The riders are going to Calgary to win and so are the als. Having said that I think (and hope) the alouettes win.

This is going to be one tough game.

The Riders' Canadian receivers scares me. Their D-line can be dominant, and Duran is the kind of mobile QB who can extend a play for a big gain.

No matter which team wins, it won't be a blowout. It will be a smash-mouth contest that will likely come down to the final three minutes of the fourth quarter. 'Neutral' territory won't be much of an advantage for us as I fully expect a large contingent of Rider fans to show up and bring the noise.

One thing, though. We proved today that when we are determined to win and we execute at our level, we are an extremely difficult team to beat.

There was no pressure on the Als in the Lions game, i even said it will be no contest as the Lions don't match up at all to the Als they are so much better all around, I picked Als to win by 16 look what happened it was total domination Lions played like a cross over team, a team realy not deserving to be playing today, My second team is the lions but we have to be realistic here, the pressure starts now for the Als today was nothing but a practice, they have made it to the big game many times but can't finish, this is what they will face next week among other things I expect a great game!

Don't come in our forum and disrespect our team, Your riders are 1 and 5 in the last six games against the Als. This season 0-2 by an average 0f more than 21 points. Durant will look the same as Printers did today. Now go play with your green friends.

Why don’t you look in the Mirrior, give your head a shake buddy :roll: i made a post on my own opinion did not trash whatever team your cheering for, so take a pill relax and enjoy next weeks Grey Cup and by the way throw your regular season stats out the window, 1nd 5 you say well guess what there is 1 game played next week! its the big game and winner takes all

This isn't yours ?

all the pressure is on Calvillo and the Als they have been there many times and can't finish
That's trash talk in a team's forum.

Grey Cup's been sold out for a month with people booking flights. I doubt very much we will see a sea of green it won't matter anyway.

yeah yeah sure thats a real trashing a team :roll: and guess what Calgary fans will be unloading tickets this week duuhhh!! did you just start watching football. maybe take the paper bag off your head so you can see better :roll: Bomber fan one day now an Als? hmmmm

A Bomber fan ? 5000 posts as an Als and Ticat fan.

A Bomber fan LOL!

Riderfan23 real fans don't use thundersticks there for little girls :thdn:

You should really stop drinking, you are babbling and there is probably ooze coming out of your mouth... very bad for the keyboard. :roll:

watch the Calgary paper this week and see how many Calgary fans off load tickets, and guess who will be buying them the only fans that are flying into Calgary are Rider fans, you don't believe there will be a sea of Green next sunday LOL, i guess your color blind, can't wait for another home game for the Riders next week! thundersticks and all!

Last home game the Als played your Riders they were beat 43 to 10 and the Als won in Calgary 6 of their last 7 visits.

People don't give up their Grey Cup tickets because a team is not in it and you won't get a flight and a hotel in Calgary for GC weekend on a week notice.

The pressure is on them every game and thats just how hte coaching staff prepares them. The season has been 19 one game stretches that they have had to come out of with a winning record the Grey Cup is just 1 game stretch number 20. The pressure has been on them since week 1 to win and in week 22 it wont be any different it is simply another game they need to win. All the regular season stats are done and gone but this is still the team that has gone 16-3 in the past year and they didnt get there by accident and they beat hte riders every time they played em this year including the game at Mosaic Stadium.

At this stage in his career CAlvillo knows what he needs to do to be ready for a big game and he proved that today. If the als play up to their level there is no one in the league that can beat them

Get lost clown you had to much to drink and don't drive your tractor home either GO ALS GO