MTL vs Ottawa aug 11

He'll learn!

Someone must have read the riot act to the larks' D.
They actually look like they showed up to play instead of sleepwalking through the game like they did last week.

Looks like I might have taken the wrong D tonight though. Larks D much feel they have something to prove to their old DC Thorpe now with the OTTRBs.

Larks appear to be trying to erase last week's poor performance while the OTTRBs look like they are still half asleep!

At half, a much better game for Johnny and the entire team.
In fact JM should have had a couple more throws including a long one caught.
With this type of performance I can actually see him win or a regular basis.

Sure wasn't expecting this after the first half and yes ArgoT, if Cunningham actually could catch a ball, well. But the Als d is doing a great job out there, outstanding!

That extra safety keeps coming back to haunt him. Hope he learns soon.

Anyway, he is miles ahead of last week - but that's NOT saying much.

Johnny actually looks the part of a CFL quarterback tonite. Some of his receivers are so stunned he’s putting the ball on their hands they suddenly developed frying pan hands.

Go Johnny Go - great for the league if he can find his way!

On a more serious note - I’m very disappointed TSN didn’t a solid segment of the 1969 Grey Cup ring presentation to the Ottawa Rough Rider alumni. Rod Smith was almost in tears - he was an 8 or 9 yr old kid in Ottawa during that year - I’m a Winnipeg fan but seeing guys like Old Russ Jackson, Ronnie Stewart, Whit Tucker, Gene Gaines, etc. would have been completely tear-jerking! CUZ I LUV THE CFL!!!

Yup the whole larks’ team showed up this week to play. Thought the OTTRBs would be fired and ready to give them a good run for their money but they seemed to sleep walk through the first half. Probably took the wrong OTTRB receiver - should have put in Sinopli instead of Spencer - unless he has a monster 2nd half.

Now if the the larks want to beat the OTTRBs tonight, I won’t complain too loudly- actually I won’t complain AT ALL!

And Johnny has his first CFL TD (in regular season) A lot of those yards gained by his own scrambling1

Just another embarrassingly bad call by a CFL referee. 15 yard Unnecessary Roughness call when Manziel goes down and 27 totally lets up and barely touches him. Just the usual stupidity trying to help get a particular outcome. Embarrassing.

Nice TD drive by JM.

It was a nice drive by Manziel. Just hated the terrible terrible call

What a stupid move by Bowman, no wonder the guy is washed up.

Again, he’s really improved in the last week. It should be interesting going forward.

Well his OL is giving him much better protection unless the OTTRBs front 7 is not as good as Hamilton's. and his receivers have also actually caught some balls. Sutton has been getting some runs in too - all of which is going to make your QB look much better. I'm not saying that Johnny isn't better - he is - but at least he's getting more help from his surrounding cast this week.

Ol Mustard Gas, Duane Forde is actually a good color commentator -

When he's allowed to do color!

CC Cuthbert knows how to work his color man!

Rotten Rod Black doesn't!

Still questioning the arm strength.

I don't think that was a concern when he was with Hamilton. JJ felt he could make the throws, Montreal’s D is just porous...

Great 2nd half for the better team tonight but the Als game them something to think about but Manziel and offence isn’t quite ready for prime time yet. Harris, masterful job in that 2nd half and Powell, quick legs. Montreal should learn from Ottawa how to make quick throws for short yards and move the ball. Manziel running around looking like a scared rabbit too often to work at this level.


If you’re an Ottawa fan, you like the win and the 5 and 3 record.

If you’re a Montreal fan, you like that the team looked MUCH better this week.

They caused three turnovers in the first half - can't be all bad. They'were on the field too long in the second half and are probably gassed by now.