MTL vs Ottawa aug 11

Question: why is the Ottawa vs MTL game 8pm Saturday night and not 7 or it because the PGA golf ?

Prime time for us and Canada.

They did it because it is on my birthday. 8)

Seriously why ??

why not? whats the big deal? Games should be later in the evening. it gives it a prime time feel under the lights. 7 or 7:30 is too early.

With the heat that we have had the last few days, I am glad the game starts at 8pm.

He didn't say it was a big deal.

Yes, I suspect that there is a TSN request for this time to accommodate other sport events on their schedule that day.

I do agree with your assertion that, for Saturday games at least, an 8:00 pm edt start time is preferred. For weekday games, the 7:00 pm start time is better IMO.

Great weather forecast for the game tonight, pondering over on adding Adarius Bowman to the fantasy roster over a couple other player options being REDBLACK RJ Harris or Alouette Eugene Lewis.

Edit: going with EUGENE LEWIS in the Flex spot

Reminds me of games in the early 1970s. Some would start at 8:00pm on like, a Tuesday night (and still sell out or draw really well).

Of course, this was in the era of the local black out, no internet, no MLS, few compelling shows to watch on TV and 2-hour games. Why wouldn't you watch your local professional football team?

Kickoff just over an hour away and every post so far is only about the game time being pushed back?

Anyways...what's the spread tonight for Ottawa? Gotta think the Al's will be better (hard to be worse) but I think with a full week of practice in Johnny & the revamped Oline will look alot better. Also I'm sure the D got ripped for that performance, which IMO was just as guilty for the loss. If their D lets the ORB's pass at will again on the 1st drive, game's over.

Point spread Ottawa -14 over Montreal

My fantasy team is loaded with Ottawa, all but 2 positions.

Johnny warming up

Yup, the unexpected is going to happen man

I took RJ Harris if I remember correctly. My fantasy lineup is a bit OTTRB heavy this week for some 'strange' reason! :smiley:

And I see that there's a Harris to Harris connection early here. Also considered taking Ellingson although he hasn't done much so far this season - at least not lately but didn't so it. I figured if he's going to break out any time soon this could be the game.

I wonder if it has anything to do with being televised on ESPN in the States. They had VERY good numbers for Johnny's debut last week - although certainly the schedule and time were set long before Johnny arrived in the CFL.

Johnny is looking much better tonight - but then he's actually getting some help from his OL, receivers and the larks D looks better. Even forced a turnover :o :o :o

Looks like the larks and OTTRBs are opening a bakery here - turnover #3 was just served up but this one was caused by the OTTRB's D

Spencer better find some 'stickem' for those gloves - I put him in my lineup and he's done diddly squat so far! >:( Should have caught that ball.

He sure does like to throw into coverage, tho. :frowning: