MTL vs. EDM game thread

Not long til kickoff now.

My guess 7-3 MTL after 1st quarter.

Any word on the ticket sales for the game?

I hope the Alouettes destroy them in every facet of the game!

go ALS!

Lets see how Calvillo deals with 20 days off....short passes so far

Did I hear that correct? Montreal only had two '2 and outs' all year?
That's pretty impressive.

both teams not off to a great start..

Was that on opening drives though?...still pretty impressive either way

Oh? Now you have me wondering. I'm not sure if that was what he meant.

Wow, that's a good way to quiet the crowd!

wow...big special teams

He ran straight through to Duval

Yikes. Nice play though.

that'll be a wake up call the the Alouettes..

you watch.

Cobourne is looking good early on. Seems healthy enough.

Now Black's calling a first down when they are 2 yards short. Nice.

Like the FG on 3rd and 1.

Gets some points on the board, calms the team, gets the fans going and gets Duval kicking

if they went for it and failed anxiety would be edging up

How many tickets were sold for today's Game?

Looks to me as his arm was coming forward. Incomplete pass.

Tough angle makes it look like its a like forward pass.

Worth challenging.

Guess it wasn't enouhg to turn the call over :expressionless:

the Eskimos don't wanna give the Alouettes too many chances, or else it'll backfire on them!

Prefontaine looks to have a good foot today. FG and a 2 nice punts.

How did Ray get that one off?