MTL vs B.C.

There comes a time when all the planets align and you say or do things that in the course of humanity you would never say or do normally. In the interest of keeping the Canadian dream of an all Alberta Grey Cup alive, I am forced to utter the unthinkable.


God an all Alberta GC??? There mostly just be Rider fans there!!! :stuck_out_tongue: GO ALS!!!!

If the Stamps and Esks were to meet in the big game, Riders fans will be hard to find at Mosaic. Can we all say, tickets for sale, half price, make me an offer, please.

It was a joke regarding that most football fans in Alberta are Rider fans.....dude who are you?? Ned Flanders??


Wow that's quite a stretch.....Riders fans are just louder and more obnoxious. :cowboy: :lol: (note the laughing icon)

When I look in the Saskatchewan stands all I see is this :lol:

The lady with the fur hat yesterday was quite the prize :cowboy:

Yeah when they showed that picture of her and those surrounding her it was quite a sight. I don't think I have ever seen so much lower lip. :cowboy:

If the wife walked out of the house with a big muscrat on her head on a summer afternoon. I'd have the car in drive before she reached the driveway :stuck_out_tongue:

BC is wearing a black uniform today. Home teams in black rarely seem to lose? BC is probably motivated to seek redemption for flukey loss at Montreal which BC should have won. Whenever any team is ahead for almost entire game (except for one second), that team deserves to win. For years, Montreal hasn't won at Vancouver.

BC is great at home, and a bad road team. I like their chances today.

That makes 3 out of 4 games this weekend I have shut off before halftime. I thought there were some ridiculous calls yesterday, but to take a fumble recovery away from BC because Bruce's forward motion had stopped?


That's the fastest whistle in the history of football. This has been the worst weekend for officiating in many years of consistently pathetic officiating. The CFL was nothing more than a bush league joke this weekend. :roll:

edit - Johnston doesn't even know which direction the offense is going???????? :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Pray tell - In what lifetime would that happen!! Esks have only won 2 games!!! :roll:

Half time BC15 - Als 0 THAT`S what I like :rockin: to see Als with zip! :smiley: :rockin:

Wonder whats up with the Montreal QB carousel <!-- s:? -->:?<!-- s:? --> - I've seen both Smith and Neiswander in for Marsh, and Neiswanders pick led to BC`s TD to put them up 22-7. Looks like quarterbacking by committee! :lol:

Neiswander throws his second pick :oops: returned to the Leo's 3 yd line TD Lions for a 15 pt lead :thup:

A FG makes it a 3 score game...what was Lulay thinking lowering his shoulder?

It was a TD and apparently he seems to be ok. Montreal was quick to move it down the field again though and have now picked up a TD of their own. :thdn:

Sounds like I'm wrong about Lulay being okay - not able to raise his arm - could be more serious damage than first thought.

my point apparently went over your head...a FG would make it a 3 score game...he didn't need to risk injury there for a TD. a QB lowering his shoulder is just silly.

Sorry reading and reacting too quickly here. :oops: Got it! We'll see what DeMarco can do now.

I have to get my TV fixed, they look orange and white on my set.