2:02 remaining-Toronto goes for it on 3 down and fails. Montreal Ball.

Allen at Montreals 32 yard line with 14 seconds left

Als win in Toronto 18-10! Yeah baby!!!!!

Oh my! There really is nothing easy for Montreal this year. :roll:

It should've been 24-0 at the half. Can't believe how many opportunities the Als missed. :oops:

Well, a win is a win. So I guess it's :smiley:

Who's in the house? Als in the house, altough only part time, sometimes they don't look there at all. :wink:

ah well, you win some you lose some
unless you're hamilton, then you just lose[/list]

Argos Lose to Als!!!!! :lol:


The Als won and that's all I wanted tonight. But in all honesty, I spent the three hours the game last in a state of stress. With two minutes to go, all I thought of was 1) how Montreal lost it in the game's dying seconds against Ottawa, and 2) how Toronto won it in the game's dying seconds against Saskatchewan. I was pulling my very short hair, thinking "No way... Not again!"

I'm so glad that one is over.

On a side note:

  • Player of the game: Dave Stala. He was so amazing.
  • Truck of the game: Robert Edwards. He was so powerful.
  • Poo-player of the game: Bashir Levingston. He was so brutal

I am happy that the ARGOS had 31,000+ on a cottage Friday, in summer and it makes the next MONTREAL / ARGO game more interesting…

We all have to hope that OTTAWA, starts losing.

WOW, we are tied for second and OTTAWA, is in first.

Can you believe Montreal & Toronto are playing chase and catch with Ottawa?

HT, I Know You Didn't Want To Make Any Excuesses Cause Your Such A Classy Guy, However I Am Not.

Tonight Was A Testiment To How Badly We Need Either A Backup Or A Future QB In Toronto. Bishop Was Horrible, Bombing It At His Recievers That Are 5 Yards Away, The Man Has No Sense Of Touch. Avery Played Well, That's A Plus, No Droped Passes. But Montreal Got A Lot More Chances To Score Simply Because Of Our Lack Of Being Able To Get Yards In The First Half. And What Was With That Play Calling?!? Going To The Drag Routs And The RB With 20 Seconds Left In The Game.

That Being Said Montreal Really Did Not Play Well At All And Are Lucky They Came Away With The Win. Ezra Should've Had At Least Two TDs, Prefontain Needs To Learn To Respect Him And Put Some Air Under His Kicks To Allow The Cover Team To Get Down The Field. Montreal Recievers Dropped A Lot Of Passes On The Out Patterns That They Were Open On And Really Should've Come Down With.

For Two Teams That Should Be Leading The League (Last Years Grey Cup Champ, And Last Years League Leader) They Truely Showed Why They're Chasing Ottawa. And On A Side Note I Was Sorry I Didn't Get To See Rison Catch Any Balls, He Only Had One Thrown His Direction Even Though He Was In The Whole Game.

Montreal...............kicked our BUTT, tonight.

BISHOP, scored how many points for Montreal?..................our defence was just awful...................and we were out coached............tonight.

After the game was over, Stala came out to meet and greet some of the Als fans. The Argos have been letting the fans come out on to the field after the games. I sit on the visitors side, and saw an opportunity which I took. I approached Stala, and while I enjoyed the cautious look on his face when he saw I was wearing an Argo jersey, was very gracious in accepting my handshake and congratulations on a great game for him and a win for the Alouettes. Congrats, Als. You deserved the win. No excuses for the Argos from this Argo fan. You deserved the win. No doubt.

...classy move, on both your parts.

Congrats Als on the much needed W, WTF were the Argos thinking starting Bishop when Allen looked so good in the second half. Stala and Edwards were monsters for the Als.

..........does Edwards come with shift-on-the-fly 4x4 or does Calvillo have to lock his hubs manually?.........

differential lock perhaps, he is more of a tractor I would say.

Eski-moses: On your comment toward me: Thank you. On your comment about Stala: I agree 100%. This guy is going to be around for a very long time. Lotsa talent and no ego issue. I also should make comment about the class the Als fans showed when I was in the middle of about 10 of them. They made no negative comments toward me or the Argos. Thank you, Als fans.

What's the other guy name...Eric who ???


Eric "if you guys don't want him we could use a more productive back" lapoint

The argos got their asses handed to them. No excuses.