First impressions on the game:

  • What a nice opening drive!
  • What a terrible uniform the Als are wearing!

is it 7 - 0 Montreal???

D@mn it T&T!!!...if your gonna make a thread can u please put the score!!!


Als are really moving the ball nicely. You gotta love it. Keep those fans quiet. Stalla is going to be a great player. I'm listening on the radio, what uniforms are they wearing T&T.

Als 10 Argos 00

Als 13-Argos 00
I don't think Tor. has a first down yet 21 minutes in to the game and 9 yards of offence!

Thank you T&T...thank you so much....FOR NOTHIN!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

13 - 0 Als???...GO ALS GO!!!

thx als_molson!

lol... I don't stay in front of the CPU...

It's still 13-0, but Toronto is lucky it ain't 21-0. The Als have 14 first downs, the Argos have 2.

Als_Molson, the Als are wearing their usual away jersey with horrible long red pants.

:shock: :?:

Great first half by the visiting Als. Als 14-Argos 00 at half time.
Lets see what the second half brings!

Did everyone's heart stop for a micro second when Stala dived and touched that long bomb near the end of the half? Man that would have been the play of the week.

Stala is for real.

Any updates?...

Second half and Damon Allen is the starter, so maybe we'll have a football game now!

Prefontaine 50 yard FG 15-3 Montreal

Als 15 - Tor 3 (50 yards FG from Prefontaine)

Allen fumbled once.

WOW...Prefontaine just smoked a 50-yard FG.

To have a kicker a like that...alas, I can only dream.

I'm surprised/ecstatic if Fleming hits one from beyond 30.

hey, argo noel a free agent anytime soon? i think we have some extra cash kicking around here somewhere... :smiley:

WOW!!! Allen at 90% health...makes it look easy...imagine if he was 100%...scary!

Gilligan…taken down by Mrs Howell

Allen sure makes a difference, makes it more of a game.
Als 18 Tor 10

Pretty bad when I can see the bugs on a 20 year old TV....Bout time Toronto did some spraying huh?

49 yard punt by Dave Stala!!!