MTL @ TOR Thread

What's with all the smoke at Skydome? I opened the TV 2 seconds before the kickoff so I'd imagine they say what that was about, but I have yet to know.

my question exactly. Can only assume it has something to do with fireworks. Really stupid if that is the case.

OK...guess I don't need to ask the question, but I think I heard that it was from fireworks. And, if that's the case and they have the dome closed?.....not a very smart nor safe move!

I can see giving up 4 points with a big lead , know the reasoning behind it but cant stand seeing it happen.4 points behind when there was no gaurantee the argos would score :roll: :cowboy: imo

Man, the Als have yet to find themselves. Beside getting penalties, dropping passes and conceding safeties they really haven't done much yet.

Wow ! Did you guys see that? We just completed a pass !

Wow ! Did you guys see that? A Penalty against Toronto !

Ricky light up his Bong

Man, can you believe we've given Toronto the ball a whooping four times and they still have 0 offensive points.

Toronto sûcks bigtime !

and they lead by 11...

Re pre game smoke, is P.G-/rojers, trying to hurt cfl tv image?, no ventalation for tv viewers????

Als should pull Calvillo. They won't but they should

Yup. That's truly not much when you play a team that's not doing anything good.

and that would solve....? Seriously, do you trust Greene or Brady over Calvillo?

That's why they won't pull him, if his backup was Maas they would. Actually Greene has always played very well against Toronto.

Maciocia must be swearing and chewing the shit out of his pepperoni right about now!


I’ve gotta say I’m starting to wonder if Greene could do any worse.

On a related note, Thyrone Anderson is one friggin heartless hobo. We should definately cut that lazy piece of smelly slob.

What did Anderson do?

The Don is not going to bench Calvillo in a meaningless game...The potential fallout is not worth it...

The Don is holding up very well

Toronto has turned the table on Montreal tonight.......Calvillo looks lost out there, if he fumbles a couple times he will have a Mike Quinn type of game....oh and DA has done it congrats on the record.