MTL @ SSK : Game thread


Saskatchewan goes at war without Kenton Keith, without Jason Armstead and with a banged Kerry Joseph?

Why was Cahoon's absence this publicised this week? The real story is Saskatchewan goes at war with slingshots...

Awesome thread! This way those of us who have to suffer through TSN's terrible scheduling can at least find out the results of the game as they happen. I imagine RDS is actually commited to the CFL and are showing this game in Quebec, unlike TSN.

Can you believe TSN stays with the Buffalo/Detroit NHL game while a Canadian sport with Canadian teams should be on?

Gladly, I can watch it on RDS. For those of you who can't, the game already started.

The Als are up 3-0. Riders start their first offensive drive in a sec...

saskmtl game? What game???

Riders were 2nd and 1 to go. Als made them lost about 8 yards on the ensuing play. Punt team coming on....

Als fumble on the return. Riders recover, BUT there was a no yards call. Als take back the ball.

Riders almost get a pick off a tipped pass. 3rd and out. Als punt...

Riders punt it back on a 3rd and 1 situation. Saskatchewan's crowd boo Barrett's decision.

Ok now. Game is back on TSN... Have a good one folks.

Can you believe all the breaks Regina got? Two Alouettes turnovers wiped out...

Plus, I am so mad at the Als' o-line. On the last two offesive possesion, Calvillo was sacked on 2nd down. But did you notice how many men were rushing the QB? On the first sack, there were THREE Riders rushing at AC. On the second, there were four. Geez... How can five fridges not be able to stop 3 or 4 guys? What's it going to be when the Riders blitz?

That game should already be out of the Riders reach, and instead, it's a nil everywhere bout.

Bowman needs to spend the second half on the beanch. And Butler is also starting to frenkin' p1ss me off with his lack of self control.

Yeah they are caught up in a delema of whether they should show a Canadian sport with Canadian players but American teams, or an American sport with American players but Canadian teams.

Also does anyone know what happened on that "roughing the passer call" call to bail out Regina? I don't recall seeing an instant replay.

thats not quite right. The CFL is purely Canadian sport and has many Canadian players.

....I didn't know we were having KK imitation night tonight!....

"Canadian" in the fact that it took the American game and just changed the rules. It's like if I went to the US and made "American hockey" and took out the red and blue lines, but kept the ice dimensions the same and only used three players per team.

Now, are you sure that American football existed before Canadian?? Both games in fact were taken from Rugby, all of which only proves that it doesnt really matter how they came to be. CFL is 100% canadian game, played in 100% canadian cities, with a significant number of canadian players per team.

SASK. win a thriller on a last play of the game F.D.


I wonder how many SASK. fans will be pulling for TORONTO Vs. EDMONTON on , Sat.?


^ ^ ^ What he said.....

loll.... :lol: :lol: :lol: :thup:

It would be a great topic for me to research another day when it is not so late and I am not still puzzled as to how the referee overturned that fumble call. The fact that both sports seem to mirror each other leads me to believe that one league copied off of each other and just changed the rules to make their game a little different. With the NFL being the superior league of the two, I assumed (perhaps wrongly) that it was the CFL who was the "borrower".