MTL signs Michael Sam

A lot of speculation by posters…lol, even Popp has no idea why Sam left.
Interesting comments from Dave Naylor, he’s saying if he walks away form the CFL then there is no way he could ever hope to play in the NFL

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You mean posters and media talking heads DON'T know why?

Naylor's comment is so insightful that even whoever you consider the worst/stupidest poster on this site could have made it. Obviously Naylor has no chance in the NFL.

Seriously, if Sam fails in the CFL it hardly takes an expert to make Naylor's comment; why would a NFL take another look; otherwise they would already have this offseason.

Walking away would mean ending up on the suspended list for 2 or 3 years anyway. Basically retirement.

Meh! Non story really. Id be different if this was Zack Attack running off

I really think he could be a force in the CFL but if his head aint in it, theres a long list of guys waiting for their chance..

The fact that he did not fair well (in the easier league???) and walked away, will not sit well with NFL teams that may have had some passing interest in him.

Not sure why Popp would not be aware of his reasons. He signed the player, offered an opportunity when no one else would and his coaches and players dealt with the distractions that came with Sam's accompanying media circus. You would think the young man would, at least, provide his former employer an explanation out of respect for that. Unless the GM is playing coy and does know.

If not, it's another failing of character for Michael Sam.

A little bit more from today's Montreal Gazette:


  • Still nothing but silence from Sam and his agent
  • Popp seemed pretty surprised when Sam left
  • A source on the Als says there is virtually no chance of Sam playing for the team
  • Sam struggled to adjust to the CFL in his first week of camp, and improved in the second week
  • Sam didn't mix with teammates, choosing to keep to himself. He also apparently overreacted to a negative comment from a teammate.

A negative comment about his performance at camp, just to clarify

Good clarification ticat1. I was too brief in my summary.

Of course it's all hearsay when no one is willing to talk on the record (particularly Sam). This may be something that is never fully resolved, but I think the picture is becoming a little clearer.

8) Sam returned to the Al's yesterday (Wed). June 24.

Yes, I see that. They need him back............... :roll: Their defense couldn't stop Ottawa after the 3 minute warning last night.

He's now back with the team and not just touristing in Montreal?

Reset the countdown clock for his next departure.


The hot rumour is that the Alouettes are going to try to convert him.............................................................. into a QB

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :roll: :roll: :wink:

Most complete story on Michael Sam and the Als ironically comes from a UK newspaper - The Guardian. They have this extensive piece on Sam and the Als with an extensive interview with Popp in which he mentions they almost signed BOTH Sam and Tim Tebow last fall. Now that would have been fun.

Popp in it also says he is aware of why Sam left. It is a lengthy piece but worth the read IMO.

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Some excerpts

“I think he needed a break,? Popp said. “That’s my personal belief. I think it was just overwhelming to some degree, and he needs to clear his mind, clear his head. Do I think he wants to play? Do I think he wants to be on the field? Do I think he wants to be Michael Sam the football player? I, 100%, believe that. Yes.?
Popp said the Alouettes’ scouting staff had targeted Sam even before he came out, seeing him as the ideal CFL prospect – a strong, aggressive player, too small at 6ft 2in, 261lbs to fit the prototype of an NFL defensive end, and too slow to be an outside linebacker in the eyes of NFL teams. But Popp loved the ferociousness with which Sam played, relentlessly pursuing quarterbacks, and believed that if given the right opportunity he could be a dominant player in professional football.
The Alouettes’ defensive coaches like their defensive ends to play in a two-point stance, meaning they stand up in a crouch before the ball is snapped – a technique that allows the pass rusher to have a wide view of the field, but does not allow the player a fast first step. Sam played best at Missouri in a three-point stance, bent slightly over, with one hand planted on the ground, giving him more explosiveness.

Popp, who believes Sam is much better in the three-point stance, said he told Sam to use the three-point stance, but that the player refused, saying he wanted to try the technique being taught by the coaches.

“He got better and better and better with it, too,? Popp said.

Sam came very close to playing for Montreal last year, Popp said. After several phone calls to Sam’s agents, he felt Sam was close to committing to Montreal.

Popp was perhaps even closer to signing Tebow, the former Florida star and Heisman Trophy winner whose NFL career had stalled after leading the Denver Broncos to the playoffs in 2011. Last August he met with Tebow at an undisclosed location in the US with the intention of bringing him to the Alouettes. He said Tebow had packed his bags for Montreal and brought the luggage with him, which Popp took as a sign Tebow would come to Montreal.

But Tebow was close to taking a job with ESPN as an SEC football analyst and the near-agreement soon dissolved. This past winter, Tebow signed with the Philadelphia Eagles.

“He’s doing the one thing he’s always wanted to do,? Popp said of Tebow’s desire to be an NFL quarterback.

If both Tebow and Sam had signed last season, the Alouettes would have had two of the most intriguing, sensation-causing players in the same locker room: Sam for his sexuality, Tebow for his expressions of faith – and both for being underdogs, ignored by the NFL. In a sport where most coaches and executives hate distractions, some may have seen Sam and Tebow together as the ultimate distraction.

Soon, he hopes Sam returns. He won’t reveal the personal matter that Sam is dealing with, but said that he knows what it is and that the issue is significant. He wants to see Sam come back, to be the relentless pass rusher he believes Sam can become, but mostly he wants Sam to succeed because that would be a good thing for football.

Kevin Glenn and Sams could turn The Allwets into a lean mean scoring machine. :cowboy:

Als made him an offer in free agency. He chose to go ride the bench in Saskatchewan for more money.

Now he's got more money AND the starter's job.

Looks like he made the right choice after all.

Everywhere Glen goes the starter goes out for the season. Some voodoo shiat going on here. :lol:

Yes, I pointed that out in previous thread.

Now that I think of it, Glenn was offered a backup opportunity by two teams that have now both lost their starting quarterbacks.

Montreal even had their incumbent backup also hurt only a few plays later.

Fate can be a strange thing.

Somewhat on the Michael Sam topic it was good to see Argos players and cheerleaders and the CFL Commissioner Jeffrey Orridge march in the Toronto Pride parade today. Orridge was the first league commissioner to march in a Pride Parade.

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