Mtl Sask game, Whats going on??????

What gives?
The schedule I downloaded back in Feb shows tomorrows Sask Mtl game on CBC and RDS at 7PM. The one on this forum shows TSN and RDS.

The programs guide on Expressvu show the game on RDS at 9:30 and on TSN at 7PM

What time is the game on??????????

TSN at 7 et. 5 pm local

Cool thanks.
I think RDS will be showing a taped game after the UG Hockey game

I see many people dressed in green and ho dear they are all crying!

I see lots of red and white all carved up on my thanksgiving dinner plate! Les Riders de Saskatchewan sont la, merci beaucoup!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Les Riders sont la!
Rider Pride Nation Wide

go riders go

aren't you gonna be on that plate, turk???

All I know is my puppy's wearing his huskie jersey (couldn't find actual rider stuff in saskatoon last time I was home) and we haven't lost since he's been wearing it on game days. Hopefully his luck passes onto the Huskies as they're home to Alberta today, and the Riders tonight!!

The crying that was foreseen was the fans crying tears of joy..... or maybe they've all just stubbed their toes simultaneously....

Speaking of lucky Jerseys, I don't know how she did it, but my fiance..... to be my wife at 3 pm today.... got me a Rider Jersey as a wedding present signed by all the Riders. She has a friend who works at the Rider office, so I think that may be how she got in, but I am not sure if her friend would have that much pull. Either way, she apparently picked up the Jersey from the Rider office 2 days before the Labour day game. They haven't lost since. I thought it was just a lte season resurgence of my lucky socks from last season.... which I will be wearing under my black socks today..... but apparently it was a group effort. The funniest part, is apparently the first time she had this done, someone in the Dressing room, assumably one of the Riders, stole the Jersey. Then they lost 5 straight. I guess that karma thing really does kick you in the ass! Oh well, the wedding present from the Riders should be gift wrapped by about 8pm (10 e.t. =).

Go Riders!!

Would like Burris to sign it!

MAn, don't rely on "old downloaded" schedule....Al's made a big announcement 2 weeks agon on their website, about the Radio/tv "new" schedule because of CH.