MTL runs out of GM candidates

And then there were none. :frowning:

They miscalculated the interest candidates would have in the job given all the questions. Until they have an owner, they should pause and continue with the staff they have. Look at it again next year instead of bringing one of the card carrying members of the Old boy’s club.


This team needs to be sold-yesterday. Tough to operate like this

The only thing worse right now than hiring no one. Would be hiring the wrong guy.

LOL, Reed?

Good thing that KJ & his agent were smart enough to sign on in Montreal as the official HC.
Obvious in this case was that KJ. Made the Als relevant. & people began to come back to the games. Again in a pretty big way for quite a few years.

LOL. No !

I agree the ownership situation is not helping this hire.

Common sense really.

I wouldn’t take a job for a company that is publicly known to be in some very important higher management change process and very much losing money every year :slight_smile:

Probable offer, was with no guarantees with a possible ownership change.

“Hi, congratulations you are our new GM Next day new ownership announced and are bringing in their own GM.” :wink:

Definitely a problem .

It shows that quality CFL candidates have some depth to them and don’t need the title of GM at any cost .

I guess they should look for someone more desperate without a job . Or better yet just wait until they have an owner .

This should have been completed by now . Piss or get off the pot .

Possible reboot of the World Football League of 1974-75 if the schedule is made out for 2020 if it includes the Alouettes.

The best thing the league can do is accept the withdrawal of the Alouettes from the 2020 season and go with eight clubs. Preseason camp will be here before you know it.

Can you imagine the turmoil in beginning the season and not having enough money to cover expenses and payroll? That would destroy the other eight teams if a team folds halfway thru the season.

It’s always the same damn three eastern teams having problems (excludes Hamilton).

I don`t think we have to worry about the Alouettes folding this year. Maybe next year, if the Alouettes are still struggling, but then you got to have to be worrying about the whole league. The extra cash from the new TSN deal will be a life line in the meanwhile.

The league could just name an interim GM and carry on for the 2020 season.

What ever happened to the K. Reed fraud / paying players from a private numbered company and going over / completely ignoring the salary cap?

Did his case ever hit the courts?

Who was signing those checks to the numbered company?

Give Miles Gorrell a shot at the GM job. Knows the League and the football business.

grabber headline but i doubt it’s true. too many in this game

Yup. This is really as backwards as you can get.
Its ashame Molson doesnt by the Als.
To add to the Habs & its AHL team it owns playing in Laval burb of Montreal.
Heck the Als Home stadium is McGills Stadium. & named after the Molson Family Ancestor Percival Molson.
Add the fact that the City of Montreal will finally put on a proper retractable roof. (Thank you Fifa mens Soccer commitee.) as Montreal wanted to be a host city in the tri country North American country world cup.
Now that Montreal has a stadium to host a GC.
Molson could host a GC & a Heritage classic in the same year!
Promote ticket sales option to fans if they choose as a package deal.
Just saying.


No thanx. Those days of “ social work? signings are over.

Poop on Pop. The Days of the Wetthall Sr, Trestman, & Popp. Bolting outa Montreal post
GC. For there winter in there warm US south residends are over.

Things have gone in a different and better direction.
Having your Gm, HC, and other staff member need to be around the city year round.
Now some will take some time off outa the city. But alot more Time will be spent in the city over the winter its become part of the interview and hiring process now.
Lapo is up and moving his whole family from the peg to Ottawa as an example.