MTL releases NAT OL Landon Rice

Alouettes release OL Landon Rice, acquired in blockbuster Johnny Manziel trade

Hmmmm. Worth a roster spot? Would certainly lower the asking price for Westerman and Williams?

  1. I will be watching Westerman very closely at the game tonight, to just see if this guy comes
    as advertised !! I certainly have not been impressed with him so far :-[ :-[ ::slight_smile:

I know he has a good past record, but I haven’t seen any evidence of that so far in Hamilton :frowning:

I guess we will find out how much cap space we have.

Hmmm, Carter or Landon Rice??

Your “Hmmm” makes me think of mine, one day in May, – “Hmmm, Manziel of Adam Bighill?”

Tony Washington and Manziel will probably be the next two guys to be cut in Montreal, (aka, le circus).

What next? The Als throw in an extra 1st round pick?

It's a good thing none of the consideration in the trade was tied to Johnny's on-field performance.

More OLine options are always welcomed.

The worst team in the league cut him. We already traded him away.

Montreal also traded away 2-1st round draft picks. Do you think they would like to have them back for free?

They cut him, mostly, because they didn't want to pay his salary, when it became guaranteed for the remainder of the year. I think Landon proved to be of value here and I'm happy to see him back.

Can’t have too many start capable NATs and O-lineman. Even as subs on special teams, short yardage or on a rotational basis. Makes the Manziel trade less expensive all the time.

Me too!
He knows all the O-Line terminology for signals and blocking schemes.
He is as close to plug and play as you can get

Kavis is the gift that keeps on giving.

At what point does Montreal give him the boot. Worst GM in the league.

If we were Courting Duron Carter there must be a fair amount of Cap Space out there

Or perhaps … the equivalent of Chris Williams' pay for the rest of the year. I think he was still on the free agent contract he signed when BC lured him away from OTT, where he was a star.

So essentially this deal right now as it stands is…

to Mtl

qb- John Manziel
ot- Tony Washington

to Ham

wr- Chris Williams
de- Jamal Westerman
ol- Landon Rice
1rst round draft pick 2020
1rst round draft pick 2021

Just one question here…How in the Hell does Kavis keep his job ?? :o

And it looks like Manziel is heading back to the bench on back-up, if Pipkin keeps his hot hand. On the plus side for Montreal, Manziel sparked at least a two game renewed interest in game day ticket sales and certainly in Montreal merchandize featuring ‘Manziel’ or the number ‘2’.

On the down side for Hamilton, Westerman is yet to regain his pre-trade form, and Williams was just starting to hit his stride when he was injured. So far, the trade has not really had much of an impact either way, other than Washington making the starting O-line in Montreal.