MTL REC Quan Bray arrested with 157lbs of pot

…personal use?


Here is exclusive video footage of the incident . :triangular_flag_on_post: :no_smoking: :upside_down_face:


…I don’t think you’re far off bobo…one report I read made it sound like they hired an Uber driver to transport the car that was loaded with the pot, and all three of them would cross the checkpoint…then Robinson told the driver to declare the pot, to which the driver responded by stopping the car, getting out and calling the border patrol…not a whole lot of logical thinking happening in this story…

For 6 lifetimes

They were arrested near the border, not trying to cross it…
There is no border between L.A and Louisiana,

Maybe if yer name is Duron Carter perhaps ? :laughing: :crazy_face:

For those scoring at home, Sportsnet just reported the NFL player involved in the alleged incident. (not really important to this case, but something I found head scratching)

Reported … ? ? ? ? ?

Yes. Reported

I meant reported what … his name (?) … all the stories I saw from the get go were about Greg Robinson getting arrested … early on some referenced Bray, some did not

It is actually pretty serious stuff for them. Potentially they could spend the majority of the rest of their lives in jail.If they were arrested in Texas large amounts of pot can net you between 5 years and life in prison from what I can find

Just to put this in perspective here is a pic of what 150 lbs of pot looks like . All I have to say is that those must have been some super extra large sized industrial duffel bags that they had in the trunk of that car . :astonished: Just to go a tad further for comparison sake the 157 lbs of dope seized is heavier than what Speedy “B” weighs .

Yes his name. Only HIS name. Bray was not mentioned

Got it … I read “just” as time related (as in “I just typed that”) versus “only” ( as in “I just thought of ‘"just’ in one context”)