MTL QB- Vernon Adams on 6 game IL

Because Evans would make about half what Adams did. No CFL team will pay a #3 100K like Adams made. It's too much of a cap hit for a guy that usually never plays, and runs the scout team in practice.

Fair, I know what you're getting at. But if you take a step back for a sec, you're essentially suggesting that professional athletes should take into account the roster management of teams they are considering joining by speeding up their personal decision-making process so that team can avoid making a poor roster decision. Which, I think most people would whole-heartedly disagree with. That said, if a player stepped up and did make decisions on account of that then that's amazing. But they need to look out for #1 at all times in their career and make decisions on their own time, and accept the consequences if they take too long.

Forget to add to what the cost, of getting Adams here and now releasing him, to the TiCats was -- The $5,000. they paid him to sit home and watch Game 1.

I could be wrong but I understood that Adams was making around $80k, and if Evans was on min he'd be making around $54k. Not sure if it's common practice to pay QBs more than min and if so then the gap is even closer. Considering they traded Hughes for Adams and planned to make him the #2 I'd be shocked that they think Evans is a better QB. Then again, training camp changes things and guess they thought Evans was better. I dunno on this one though. Ah well.

I was going to say juat that Dispaced, that JJ must have had a large hand in this fiasco. But I didn’t because I’d be called a “Jones hater by the “Jones lovers? on this forum. And quite frankly, I can’t understand why people love Jones, he has done really nothing yet. He may never and we will be talking about this in a year or two in a very negative way.

  1. As stated above, Breaux and White= around $325 + !!

No way, Breaux as reported is getting just under $200,000, and there is NO way they signed
John White for over $125,000 !!!!

He's coming back after 2 major injuries and the most the Cats would offer him would be $85-90
thousand !!!

From what I have heard, Alex Green, the starting RB is still on his rookie contract of around
$85,000 per season !!

Both of these guys were thrown lifelines. If they can come back from their injuries it will be a good deal for the Ticats but history and biology is against them. As stated above, Breaux and White= around $325 + !!

No way, Breaux as reported is getting just under $200,000, and there is NO way they signed
John White for over $125,000 !!!!

He's coming back after 2 major injuries and the most the Cats would offer him would be $85-90
thousand !!!

I stated Around $325 plus or minus, I guess I should have guessed around $300K+/-
We have added Breaux and John White = around $325K+/-

He was hurt. Non football injury. . Adam's could have showcased his abilities and placed himself firmly in the mix. But...

Correct. Adams suffered a pulled muscle in his chest during camp. I'm sure that has a lot to do with why they tried him at receiver - because throwing would have aggravated his injury.

He's obviously cleared to play now if they released him. I'm guessing they were waiting for the doctors thumbs up on his chest injury - since CFL rules say you can't release an injured veteran player.

Not surprising

Vernon Adams signs with MTL

Is the signing, or even intent to signconfirmed? The article just says he's "in Montreal", and assumes he's there to sign with the Als. Dunk is usually pretty good with his leads, but he doesn't really say that his contacts actually know anything.

Wouldn't surprise me, though.

You'd think before signing him Montreal wants to assess his physical condition based on his limited QB reps at Ticat camp. Even if he's "healthy" from a medical clearance standpoint, that still doesn't necessarily mean he can make all the throws with the expected "zip".

Vernon Adams Jr. will be the Als new starter within three games.

He is 100% better than any other current QB on the Als roster.

Kavis Reed should have traded for a decent QB before this season started. That huge mistake alone has cost Montreal at least 6 straight losses to start this season, IMO.

It has been reposted by the League, so they think Dunks sources are pretty good!

I saw that too, with the link to his tweet, which references the article you posted. And while I expect an official announcement soon - Dunk is seldom wrong in these things - his wording in the article left more room for doubt than usual for him.

Great, so now Vernon Adams jr. is the next Calvillo,
released from the Cats to go to MTL and will now become the greatest player the League has ever seen!

As a local modern philosopher once said
TiCats, Wake up!

I thought that this title was already owned by JF, no?

Bomben and now this. Why not just give MTL the Grey Cup .

  1. Exactly Grover !!! What exactly has Adams done in this league so far, aside from being with at least 4 different teams in the last 5 yrs. Now back in Montreal who shipped him out a couple of years ago.

This guy is just another fill in 4th stringer from what I have seen of him !!

As that famous saying goes.....Montreal, wake up !! LOL :wink: :-[