MTL QB- Vernon Adams on 6 game IL

Not surprising, no trading partner and too much $$$ to sit

A victim of the late Manziel signing

He ended up costing us a 4th in 2019. :frowning:

The Hamilton Tiger-Cats announced Thursday the following three players have been released:
INT – QB – Vernon Adams Jr.
NAT – LS – Kevin Malcolm
INT – WR – Bryce Wilkerson

That is about $200K+ off the cap

A poor trade at best. Making room for.......?

I noticed that Malcolm had a lot of trouble blocking and snapping at the same time (the blocked punt vs Calgary was his fault, IMO). I thought he would be cut this week as a result.

Is there actually cap savings here? Two guys likely making around the minimum, and Adams making 80 k (?). Are they not just replaced with other players on the roster making the same money.

Making myself a reminder note to check on where Adams and all others (players, coaches, managers, consultants and executives) involved in this messed up situation are two years from now, as the 2020 season gets underway, and to review what each of them has done over those years. I expect it all may look worse, then, than it does now.

Where does he sign ?

First instinct Winnipeg

second Montreal with a second attempt with a different coach and

third maybe Ottawa .

We have added Breaux and John White = around $325K+/-

We have deleted Kanneh, D.Washington and the above 3 players = around $425K+/-

Wilkerson and Malcolm were both on the active roster last week. They will need to be replaced by other players who also count against the cap. There are no cap savings unless you replace a higher-priced player with a lower-priced player. Replacing a minimum-salary player with another minimum-salary player = zero savings.

Adams was Manziel insurance. If they didn't get Manziel this year he would be the #2, but they did get him, so that makes Adams expendable unfortunately.

I would be shocked if he still isn't signed somewhere by the weekend, and I would guess Montreal or Winnipeg is where he lands. BC is also a possibility because Wally is a fan of Adams.

All the best to VA!

How so?

Didn't Hamilton give up Charleston Hughes to obtain Adams?

Yes, but we gave up the 4th in order to get Charleston.

IMHO, June Jones deserves to get royally reamed out over this trade fiasco. Within seconds of him letting the goose out of the bag, you can bet that the Twitter-verse was inundated of this massive brain cramp. There are times, as a coach, where you simply have to STFU...

Over the two-way deal that brought Adams here, the Cats moved back 6 positions (from 28th pick to 34th) in the 4th Round of this year's draft, and also gave up their 4th Round pick in next year's draft. That was the deal to get Hughes from CAL and then the trade with SSK was a straight player for player deal, Hughes for Adams.


And therefore it's misleading to trivialize the Adams transaction by stating that "He ended up costing us a fourth in 2019."

It's tough to say much at all about Adams' time in Hamilton. I'm not sure anyone published any commentary about how he performed at practice, and he didn't dress for any games. We know he was injured for part of training camp.

So either he didn't impress anyone in the practice reps he did get, or it was a salary cap issue, or some combination. Maybe Adams' days were numbered as soon as Johnny demonstrated that he is serious about contributing.

I was looking forward to seeing him play, but in the grand scheme of things, I'm pretty sure he will join the long list of gone-and-soon-forgotten backup QBs who have spent time with the team. (Unless he goes on to become a star in the league, in which case he will live on forever on this chat board. Still haven't seen a "next Calvillo" reference though.)

This is true, but the Hughes for Adams trade made sense at the time. If the Cats hadn't been able to reach a deal with Manziel, we would have needed Adams for a #2 QB.

Plus, the Cats seem committed to starting one Canadian defensive end, with Capicotti now entrenched, and Connor McGough still developing. Adrian Tracy is probably getting paid too much to sit on the bench, so if we had hung on to Hughes, we most likely would have had to deal Tracy somewhere. Tracy is younger than Hughes by 3 years and change, and certainly less of a cap hit. As Hufnagel said when he traded Hughes away: "In a salary-cap world, sometimes difficult decisions have to be made and this is definitely a very difficult decision." At the time of the trade, Hughes was only under contract through 2018, though he's since extended with the Riders through 2019.

Since Calvillo showed flashes of brilliance but not consistency in his first few years as a starter, shall we start mentioning Masoli in the same breath as Calvillo, or do we only do that when it appears a player is about to be traded or released?

I think some of the blame lands on Manziel's shoulders. If he hadn't been delusional about his contract value up here early this year, then Adams never would have been traded to Hamilton in the first place.

Until the day before camp started... they needed Adams.

The tradition is that every player who leaves the team - not just a QB - is eligible to be someone's Calvillo. It's tougher when the guy never wore our team's uniform in a game.

My understanding of the rule is that players still under contract with no signs of being on their way out are not eligible for Calvillo comparisons.

In effect yes, you could say that this situation is 100% because of Manziel's situation, but to say "its his fault/put blame on him" is absolutely the wrong way to phrase it. That's you just picking a fight with people in this forum at that point.

Dont get me wrong, Ticats blew this one big time by letting Hughes go and having nothing now to show for it. But, the smart people in the front office hopefully expected that Manziel signing and no trade partners for Adams thus a release could have been a possibility, and prepped for it in some capacity. That we will probably never know.

Real question I think is why was Evans not released instead? He's on the active roster. Unless they just thought he was flat out better than Vernon which I guess is plausible.

Manziel has both everything and nothing to do with the Adams situation.

Everything in that Adams was only here because Manziel held out, but he's not directly responsible either. Let's blame Manziel's ego instead of Manziel the man.

Manziel legitimately thought he was worth what proven starters were. And because the Ticats didn't - they traded for Adams as insurance. Can't blame the Ticats for wanting a solid #2 no matter what happened with Manziel.